SEM9’s Journey to ESL Mobile Open 2021 Fall: Malaysia

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The first match in ESL Mobile Open 2021 Fall: Malaysia Playoffs features SEM9 versus Geek Fam. Let’s take a look at SEM9’s journey through the year so far!

A Strong Start in Summer

The team’s launch announcement was on 9th April earlier this year. On the roster were ArrHedge, Kazuo, Ravens, WildRabbit, and Swak.

Shortly after the team’s formation, SEM9 went straight into the ESL Mobile Open 2021 Summer: Malaysia group stages. They had an impressive run, winning 4 out of 6 matches they played. That placed them third in group stages, which also meant that they would proceed to the playoffs.

The first matchup SEM9 had was against Berjaya Dragons, which placed second during the group stages. The viewers were excited about the match. The games started even, with each team taking a win off the other for a 1-1 score. However, Berjaya Dragons were able to outpace SEM9 in the next two games. The match ended with a 3-1 score, favoring Berjaya Dragons.

This loss meant that SEM9 was knocked down to the Lower Bracket, and would face RTZ UndeRank. The matchup was neck and neck. In the first game, SEM9 pulled the rug from under RTZ UndeRank with a Teleport backdoor play. In the next round, RTZ UndeRank made a comeback as their composition outscaled SEM9’s. This grueling back and forth went on for hours, with each game hitting the 20-minute mark. When the dust settled, SEM9 emerged victorious with a 3-2 score against RTZ UnderRank.

SEM9 was able to push forward to the semi-finals…where they would face Berjaya Dragons again. Berjaya Dragons kept their momentum from the previous throwdown. They were able to outpace SEM9 again in all of their games. SEM9 lost with a 0-3 score.

Despite that, SEM9 still placed third in ESL Mobile Open 2021 Summer: Malaysia. Fans were excited to see a new team capable of standing up to the other giants in the scene.

A Change in Fall

In ESL Mobile Open 2021 Fall: Malaysia, SEM9 had a new trick up its sleeves. DazzleMe joined the team as a new substitute Dragon Laner. DazzleMe was part of Aphelion Esports. He and his team had shown up at the Wild Rift Asia Brawl 2021 Qualifier.

Throughout group stages, SEM9 could change their Dragon Laner at any time, swapping WildRabbit and DazzleMe to suit their needs.

In an interview with WildRabbit, the casters had asked if SEM9 was ready to face GeekFam. “Hmm, are we ready? We’re actually well-prepared. I can’t wait to go up against Momo.” he said.

WildRabbit’s interview with Ikuto and Mikos, ESL Malaysia Facebook

The casters joked that WildRabbit might get benched in the matchup against GeekFam. “No, don’t do me like that! I wanna play, coach! Let me face GeekFam!” WildRabbit replied in jest. 

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“But I feel that we as a team, and not just me, are ready to face off against the other teams. BJD, Geek Fam, and any team that we have to face.”

Funnily, DazzleMe did take WildRabbit’s spot against their match against Geek Fam during the group stage.

Proceeding to playoffs 

SEM9’s performance has been consistent throughout ESL Mobile Open 2021 Fall: Malaysia. They were able to snag fourth place during group stages, and have qualified to go to the playoffs.

Not only that, the first match of the playoffs pits SEM9 against Geek Fam yet again. Hopefully, WildRabbit will get to fulfill his wishes of going up against Geek Fam’s Dragon Laner Momo!

You can watch this chapter unfold live on ESL Malaysia’s Facebook and YouTube pages.


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