Everything We Know About Metroid Dread

by Yong Chi Winn
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Since its announcement at E3, Metroid fans have been eagerly waiting for more content from the beloved franchise. This week, Nintendo released two brand new trailers of Metroid Dread to showcase what we can expect from the game. The first trailer released earlier in the week was a glimpse of Samus and a teaser to what’s to come. The second trailer showed us the return of the familiar foe and her powers and armour look the other was more about what she will be facing as well as her abilities.

On top of the trailers, Nintendo also released two reports about Metroid Dread and what fans can expect.

Here’s everything we currently know about the upcoming Metroid Dread.

Powers And Abilities

There are several new powers and abilities included in Samus’ arsenal. In fact the more you play the more upgrades you can get. Here are some of the more notable powers and abilities we saw from the trailer.

Beam Attacks

Image via Nintendo

Beam attacks are Samus’ signature offensive ability. If you get them upgraded, you can modify its power and properties. For example, increasing the attack’s spread or including other functions like Grapple Beam.The grapple beam can help Samus move objects or swing herself to unreachable parts of the environment.


Image via Nintendo

Unlike the various beam blasts, Samus has limited capacity for this powerful artillery. It can be upgraded too and it increases her missile capacity, thus being able to hold more. Along the way, Samus can acquire several different types of missiles including Missile Tanks and Missile+ Tanks. You can find these missiles around the world. So, search well.

Melee Counter

This move creates an opportunity for Samus to stun an enemy, striking it right before its attack. If it’s successful, the stunned enemy will be open to getting hit with powerful follow-up attacks. Samus can also do a Dash Counter while running too.

Image via Nintendo

Morph Ball

The Morph Ball is a move that helps Samus to pass through narrow passages. She can either slide through those tight gaps or just transform into a Morph Ball. The player can turn Samus into the Morph Ball form by tilting the Left Control Stick down while crouching. This is the same way it’s always been since the 2D Metroid series. Alternatively, players can just press the ZL Button and Samus will automatically take Morph Ball form when jumping into an elevated tunnel.

Aeion Abilities

The Aeion energy helps Samus tap into special, mystical energy. These energies allow her to temporarily use certain abilities.

One such ability is Phantom Cloak. It turns her invisible to avoid detection from the enemies. However, while standing still, her reserve of Aeion Energy will slowly drain. She can also move while camouflaged, but it costs a greater amount of Aeion energy. Samus’ reserve will automatically regenerate Aeion Energy over time when it’s not in use.

Samus’ Power Suit

Image via Nintendo

In addition to the Power Suit’s built-in defences, Samus can increase the suit’s energy. Its capacity to withstand damage by acquiring two kinds of Energy Tank items. Standard Energy Tanks increases her suit’s Energy by 100 each.

Moreover, Samus can collect four Energy Parts to reconstruct the same functionality of a standard Energy Tank.

Image via Nintendo

They added that the events of the previous game, Metroid Fusion, changed a lot of things for Samus and her suit, but this time, they will be using a new Power Suit beyond the one in Metroid Fusion.

The Return of Chozo

Based on the trailer, the villain we can see attacking Samus appears to be a Chozo.

In case you didn’t know what’s a Chozo, they’re a highly intelligent and technologically advanced species who believed their purpose to be that of bringing peace throughout the galaxy. Eventually, the Chozo civilization reached a breaking point, and living Chozo is rarely seen.

According to Nintendo, the Chozo are known to be peaceful and mild-mannered, but Galactic Federation records indicate the existence of “Chozo warriors.”

While there were many remnants of the Chozo civilization in previous games, this will be the very first time a living Chozo shows up.  But the main question is, who is this Chozo that attacks Samus?

In addition to that, the video also shows what appears to be combat robots with striking Chozo resemblance who will pose a formidable challenge for Samus.

New Enemies

The trailer shows several notable scenes, including a Kraid. Kraids are giant monsters that Samus has fought in prior games. Apart from that, fans can also see robots that are created by the Chozo, as well as gigantic aquatic creatures.

“Just like in previous games, there is a rich variety of enemies and bosses standing in Samus’ way. There are many different types of bosses, especially—key to victory against such enemies is to carefully observe their behaviours and create an appropriate attack plan.” the developers said in the recent reports.

What are your thoughts on the new Metroid Dread reveal? Will you be picking them up on launch day?

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Info via Nintendo 

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