Alcatroz Trilium BTR 1 Review

by Sammy Chan

The Alcatroz Trilium BTR 1 is a must-have if you’re an owner of multiple electronic devices. It’s compatible with so many platforms. With the capability to Multi-Pair, you can switch between devices easily. This is a plus since it makes multi-tasking easy. After using the keyboards for a month, it has easily become an integral part of my daily life and here’s why.

Trilium BTR 1 – Review

The Trilium BTR 1 is a Bluetooth wireless keyboard that essentially lets you pair it with up to three different devices simultaneously. It’s hooked up to my iPhone, PlayStation 4 and MacBook. Since it is tenkeyless, the keyboard is rather compact in size. Being able to pair multiple devices to one single keyboard really clears up a lot of desk space. In terms of range, the Trilium BTR 1 works as long as you are in the same room as your devices. Picking up the keyboard and chilling in bed still allows me to search up movies on Netflix easily on my PlayStation 4. The distance is about 10 meters.

The keyboard itself has a solid stainless steel base with UV coated keycaps. Now, these aren’t fancy mechanical switches and are definitely not made for gaming. But, you CAN use it for gaming. The keyboard uses membrane keys and typing on it feels pleasant and soft. Plus, it’s really light. This makes it easy to bring it on the go or have it rest on your lap when you’re enjoying a movie on your smart TV.
Most importantly, the battery life on this sleek board is top notch. There’s a power button but the keyboard comes with power saving feature. It’ll turn itself off if it has been idling for a while. Tapping the keys will easily wake it up again so there’s no need to flip it over to push the power button. But let’s get back to that battery life longevity. It takes less than 4 hours to fully charge it despite leaving it on for a whole month straight. Yes, a whole damn month of daily usage. No kidding. On the packaging itself, it actually says that it can provide up to 90 days uninterrupted work time. And I’m pretty sure Alcatroz is not pulling my legs. I’ll be leaving the keyboard on for another 60 days, come back for an update, alright? In all seriousness, I really enjoy using this keyboard and it has pretty much become a must-pack before I leave the house every day.

Trilium BTR 1 – Design and Construct

The Trilium BTR 1 comes in two different colors that you can pick from – black or white. It’s tenkeyless and that means it does not come with a num pad. On the bottom side of the keyboard, you can find the power button that powers the keyboard. Each corner is equipped with anti-skid rubber pads and they are actually really strong. The keyboard stays in place if you place it on the table. This is a welcome bonus since I find myself pushing my wired keyboard around a lot when I game. The Trilium BTR 1, however, stays perfectly in place through even the most intense and action-packed moments.

As mentioned previously, the base is made of solid stainless steel and the keycaps are UV coated. I have the white version of the keyboard and it looks amazing. It’s a tiny detail but pairing both the white and black version with blue on the keycaps really makes the color pops. I’m all about that aesthetic and I really like the design of the keyboard. It’s definitely a plus point for me to match its functionality.

Trilium BTR 1 – Recommendation

The only downside I’ve noticed is that it takes awhile to response when waking up from idle mode and there’s no way to customize the idle timer. But that’s really not that big of a deal. If you’re gaming, you’re constantly smashing the keys anyway so the slow waking up response wouldn’t affect your gameplay. And if you’re idling between work, then it really doesn’t affect you at all. There’s also the fact that there’s LED indication for the Caps Lock but it doesn’t phase me since that’s literally testable once you type.
If you’re an owner of various devices and uses them simultaneously to multitask, I highly recommend getting this keyboard. It lets you pair with up to three different devices, has an amazing Bluetooth range and is extremely portable. Plus, the design of the keyboard itself is aesthetically pleasing to look at and will definitely look good paired with your devices if you get the colors to match. Thank you for reading this Trilium BTR 1 review and I hope it’s the keyboard you’re looking for! Also a big shout out to Alcatroz for sponsoring this unit for me to review, check out their other products here.

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Rally 03/05/2018 - 1:48 pm

Howdo you get the Bluetooth PIN when pairing this keyboard?

Eri Gaito 03/05/2018 - 2:06 pm

I just turn on Bluetooth for my device of choice and the keyboard ~ There’s an on/off switch for the keyboard at the bottom.

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