2021 SEAGM Employee Appreciation Awards

by Aly Damil
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It has been a tradition and a culture at SEAGM to recognize the employees’ hard work for the organization. And this year, we have awarded some of our colleagues that showed exemplary performances in the 2021 SEAGM Employee Appreciation Awards.

During this year’s online Annual Dinner, we have awarded the following talented SEAGM employees for their exceptional contributions to their respective teams and the organization:

Rookie of the Year Award

This recognition is for an employee who has shown outstanding performance in his/her current position within 1 year employment. (Hired during the year 2021)

Bradley Tan - Rookie of the Year Award

I feel ecstatic about winning the Rookie of the Year award. It makes me feel valued in the company, and my work is acknowledged not just by our customers or social media followers but by our bosses as well. I am grateful and I really appreciate everyone who believed in me.


After getting the Rookie of the Year award, it does make me feel motivated to do better. I have much to learn, but it is a stepping stone or indicator for me to keep on doing what I’m doing and keep learning from my mistakes.”

Nurul Aida Binti Saidi - Rookie of the Year Award

I didn’t expect I would win, because I only joined SEAGM for a few months at that time, so I’m shocked. This award is going to be a motivation to work more productively.”

You Made a Difference Award

This recognition is for an employee who has had a positive impact on others.

Mu Hui Ya - You Made a Difference Award

I didn’t expect to win the prize because I feel that I have not made any outstanding contributions. I am a lively and outgoing person, and I am active in daily communication with our internal technical colleagues. I didn’t expect that this little change would be seen and recognized by my colleagues, which made me very happy.


I think winning the prize makes me more responsible and more willing to actively promote the solution to the problem, especially for departments requiring technical support: CS, Card, and Marketing Department. I am willing to take the initiative to help them solve problems and communicate with development engineers to solve problems.”

Integrity Award

This recognition is for an employee who acts with honesty and trustworthy manner in all areas. They treat colleagues, customers, partners and suppliers with respect and sensitivity.

Zhou Ji Hong - Integrity Award

Service Excellence Award

This recognition is for an employee who demonstrates high standards of professionalism.

Zhou Ji Hong - Service Excellence Award

I am very happy to get these two awards! Thank you very much for your assistance and support to the Technical Department. These two awards are also an affirmation of the efforts and growth of all members of the technical team in the past year. In the past year, the technical team’s partners have united and helped each other, actively studied and worked hard, created a good working atmosphere, and achieved the established goals.


These two awards are not only affirmations of our work but also an encouragement for us to continuously do better. These awards motivate us to devote ourselves to work with more enthusiasm to achieve better results.”

Congratulations to all the winners of 2021 SEAGM Employee Appreciation Awards!

If you’re looking into bringing home an award or you know someone from your department who should be nominated for any of the categories for the 2022 SEAGM Employee Appreciation Awards, you may get in touch with the HR Department.

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