A New Scam Tactic To Be Aware Of

by Bradley Tan
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We’re three quarters in to 2021 and yet scammers are still lurking around, finding new tactics to hurt their victims, and scammers are still on the horizon. We recently received a message on Twitter, allegedly regarding new scam tactic. Before we move ahead, let us first clarify that SEAGM takes every scam very seriously.

New Scam Tactic

We’ve probably heard of the scams that happens over the phone, from scammers pretending to be an immigration officer to law enforcements and they’re constantly thinking of new and evil ways to trick the public.

Today’s case happened to be from a social media follower of ours. The person messaged us through Twitter to clarify on the unauthorized transactions that the scammers made. This person told us that she received a phone call from the scammer who pretended to be someone from a bank.

  • The scammer would then convince their victims that they are bank officers or working in the bank and to scare their victims.
  • They would then get the victim’s bank details
  • Later, they would use the information use them to access the victims account, and therefore make a transaction through the victims account

Thankfully, the transactions did not pass through and the person was quick enough to notify us regarding the unauthorized transactions.

We understand that sometimes, due to the situation and circumstances anything could happen.

If you, or someone you know receives an SMS / unverified social media message or in this case, a phone call that’s similar to the victim, please DO NOT give out any of your personal information. If it is through messages and there is a link, please do not click it as scammers can hack in to check on your personal details from their end.

In case a link has been accessed, or an unauthorized transaction was made, please lodge a police report regarding the matter.

Here at SEAGM, we are always on the lookout for things new scam tactics like these. We share them as much as we can so that no one else falls prey to them. Apart from always being wary before clicking any suspicious links,

SEAGM will not be responsible for any of the scams. Should you, our valued customers find yourself in doubt about any particular sites that carry the SEAGM logo, name, or any of our identification visuals and / or text(s), please do not hesitate to contact our customer service via our 24/7 live chat on SEAGM’s official website.

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