SCAM ALERT: Do not fall for this new Scam Tactic!

by Raymond Foo
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It’s a brand new year, and scammers are still on the horizon. Take today’s situation for example, which features a new scam tactic. Before we move ahead, let us first clarify that SEAGM takes every scam very seriously.

New Scam Tactic

Today’s case happened to one of our very own customers. It involved the clicking of fake links, in other words, phishing / scam links. 

  • The scammer sends the fake link to the victims either through SMS, or social media accounts, under the identity of an “official bank” sender
  • The message may state that “Your bank account will be terminated on XX/XX/XX. Please login via to keep using our services
  • Once the victim clicks the link, the scammer will have access to the victims account, and therefore make a transaction through the victims account

In this case, our customer clicked the link, which therefore led to the scammer using his bank account to purchase products from SEAGM. The victim followed the advice to reactivate his account, including putting in his TAC number, subsequently confirming the purchase.

If you, or someone you know receives an SMS / unverified social  media message that’s similar to the victim, please DO NOT click on it. If the link has been accessed, do lodge a police report regarding the incident. 

Here at SEAGM, we are always on the lookout for things new scam tactics like these. We share them as much as we can so that no one else falls prey to them. Apart from always being wary before clicking any suspicious links,

SEA Gamer Mall will not be responsible for any of the scams. Should you, our valued customers find yourself in doubt about any particular sites that carry the SEAGM logo, name, or any of our identification visuals and / or text(s), please do not hesitate to contact our customer service via our 24/7 live chat on SEAGM’s official website. 

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