Be Careful Of These New Scams on Discord

by Yong Chi Winn
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Be careful of these new scams on Discord. It’s 2021 and yet, scammers are still a nuisance in our society. Here are some of the new scam tactics on Discord that you should take note of.

Before we move on, let us first clarify that SEAGM takes every scam very seriously.

According to Reddit, there’s a new scam going around and “scaring” those on Discord.

The New Scams

Apparently, there are two scams going around.

Scam 1

This scam will have two scammers in play. The first scammer will claim to have mistakenly report the victim’s Steam account. The second part of this scammer will pretend to be an admin for Steam/ Valve.

First, the scammers added in their statement that if they do not do anything about it, their accounts will be banned within 24 hours by Valve/ Steam.

The message may state something like:

“I’m here because I mistakenly reported your steam account for making illegal purchases instead of someone else, the steam admin said that your account will get permanent suspended”


Image via Reddit


“I was about to report someone for purchasing fraud. But I reported your Steam account instead”


Image via Reddit

After that, there’ll be another person contacting the victims pretending to be an admin at Steam/ Valve.

Their message will state that they’ve reviewed some form of suspicious activity on purchasing item(s) illegally.

They go on by saying that you would need to clarify the issue of your account will be banned.

These admin wannabes will ask their victims to screenshot their conversation with the previous scammer about the false reporting.

Then, they will ask you to log in to Steam using their account and password, once you do that they will send their victims an image of how much they’ve supposedly spent.

As a finishing act, the scammers’ then ask their victims to make the payment and you would have lost the amount.

Scam 2

The second tactic happens when the scammer asks the victim to use their Steam account to get their accounts back. When no info is found, the scammer will then ask the victims to follow his/her instructions.

An example of the scam:
The scammer will ask the victim to use the log in given, when it does not work he would later ask them click on forget password, and using the victim’s phone number as well as removing the security. Once its done, the scammer will act like he is grateful for the help and agree to give them 3 games. Finally, the scammer would ask the victim create an account on SEAGM and purchasing a Steam gift card using credit card and selecting most expensive option.
Be Careful

Do take note that if you, or someone you know receive Discord messages similar to these, please DO NOT entertain or click on the links. If the link has been accessed, do lodge a police report regarding the incident.

Here at SEAGM, we are always on the lookout for things new scam tactics like these. We share them as much as we can so that no one else falls prey to them. Apart from always being wary before clicking any suspicious links.

SEA Gamer Mall will not be responsible for any loss due to these scams. Should you, our valued customers, find yourselves in doubt about any particular sites that carry the SEAGM logo, name, or any of our identification visuals and / or text(s), please do not hesitate to contact our customer service via our 24/7 live chat on SEAGM’s official website.

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