Our Favorite Moments from The Game Awards 2020 | TGA 2020 Highlights

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The Game Awards 2020 was conducted in an online format for the first time ever. with the most talented game developers huddled together in one of the biggest Zoom calls ever. The event, as usual, was presented by the charismatic Geoff Keighley. Also present was Sydney Goodman from IGN, doing well to rile up the hype during the preshow.

Sephiroth as Smash Ultimate’s Latest DLC Fighter

The anticipation for Smash’s next DLC fighter was nail-biting, and getting none other than the one-wing black angel was a welcome surprise. Boasting iconic moves from the original 1997 title as well as the reimagined 2012 arena brawler Dissidia, Sephiroth’s reveal was hype and we’re excited to test him out on SEAGM.

Previously, Smash Ultimate’s Steve from Minecraft reveal set the internet ablaze to the point Twitter went through a breakdown. Sephiroth is continuing the hype well, and we have high expectations for the next DLC fighter. Sora for Smash, anybody?

Sephiroth Smash Ultimate
Streamed from IGN

Also, we couldn’t believe Nintendo did that?

World Premiere – Perfect Dark

Not many of us will know of this spectacular spy thriller IP. Perfect Dark is a first-person shooter developed by Rare for the Nintendo 64, and had elements that deemed it a spiritual successor to everyone’s favorite Golden Eye 007.

The game’s production is currently under the direction of The Initiative, a new Xbox game studio with talent from Crystal Dynamics, Sony Santa Monica, Rockstar, and more. We’re very excited for what exclusives await the world’s most powerful next-gen console.

Left 4 Dead 3! …right? Oh no, it’s Back4Blood!

It was a surprise that 11 years after its release, Left 4 Dead 2 would still receive community updates. Its cult classic status was and is so strong that players still religiously play the game today, and will forever look forward to a third installment of the franchise.

During the game awards, that wait has ended.

You can aim down sights now? Interesting

Turtlerock Studio developer ___ graced the stage with both a cinematic and gameplay trailer showcasing the spiritual successor. Here, we get a glimpse of gruesome new zombie types and guntastic gunplay. You can even aim down sights now!

Among Us Wins Best Mobile Game and Multiplayer Game

It took two years for an amazing game to catch the attention of the mass audience. It would never occur to four oblivious developers that their cute party game would some day win the award for best mobile game, beating the likes of Genshin Impact and Call of Duty Mobile. Seeing the team huddled together in anticipation and celebrate their wins was a great joy to watch.

Even more wholesome was the other developers congratulating the Among Us dev team on Twitter.

Here’s to more wholesome moments!

Ghost of Tsushima Wins Player’s Choice Awards

One of the defining games of this console generation, Ghost of Tsushima was everything a consumer could want from a videogame. A brand-new IP, fun combat, epic story-telling, a compelling cast of characters, Ghost of Tsushima has it all.

Personal opinions aside, it was great to see a game so grandeur receive the recognition of the public. If you haven’t jumped on the hype yet, you can read our review here. The TLDR, however, is that Ghost of Tsushima is a poetic masterpiece of an epic tale story-telling. Additionally, it boasts the talent of a stellar cast of lovable characters with fantastic and believable acting to match. Its fun and enthralling combat system keeps you engaged throughout its three grand acts and every step of the journey just has care radiating from every aspect from the small details to its grand action set pieces.

The Game Awards 2020 GOTY Philharmonic Orchestra

Last but not least, the reveal for Game of the Year had a spectacular build up to its reveal. With beautiful, individual medleys representative of the nominees transitioning like butter from one game to the next, the reveal of the GOTY was a moving emotional experience. Kudos to the Orchestra and thank you for delivering such powerful scores for gamers and audiences to enjoy.

Also congratulations to The Last Of Us Part 2 for winning The Game Awards 2020 GOTY as well as many other titles. For a title that went through development hell, it is comforting to know that in the end it is recognized as a stellar game.

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