You Have 10 Days Left to Win MLBB Fanny Skin “Christmas Carnival”

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The Mobile Legends Christmas Carnival Call stands you a chance to win a Fanny skin for FREE! All players need to do to stand a chance to win this skin is to take part in the Christmas Carnival’s Call event. Summon for a chance to win Fanny’s exclusive MLBB skin for free and get her guaranteed after eight summons! You can find the event under events tab under the Daily-Christmas Carnival’s Call tab.

The MLBB Fanny Skin is Guaranteed At 8 Summons

Merry Christmas

Albeit possible to get the skin for free, it comes with a very slim chance of less than 0.1%. Not to worry however, as the chances increase per summon. Eventually, it becomes guaranteed at the eighth summon. Below are the probabilities of winning the Fanny Christmas Carnival Call permanent skin:

  • Free Summon: 0.0001%
  • 2nd Summon (10 Diamonds): 0.10%
  • 3rd Summon (30 Diamonds): 3%
  • 4th Summon (70 Diamonds): 6%
  • 5th Summon (110 Diamonds): 11%
  • 6th Summon (135 Diamonds): 18%
  • 7th Summon (175 Diamonds): 25%
  • 8th Summon (219 Diamonds): 100%

At most, you’ll need to spend 750 Diamonds at MOST to secure the MLBB Fanny Skin. You can get that amount of Diamonds at SEAGM for only 51 Ringgit (12.50 USD)! Recharge Diamonds at SEAGM now for instantaneous service and cheap rates. For more on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, check out SEAGM News.

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