Smash Ultimate’s Latest DLC Fighter BREAKS Twitter

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What happens when you take the mascots of the best-selling game of all time and dump it into the most-streamed EVO fighting (or party, for you FGC “purists” incapable of letting people have a good time) game of all time? You break Twitter. That’s exactly what happened when Nintendo announced Steve & Alex from the critically-acclaimed Minecraft as their latest Smash DLC fighter on October 1.

minecraft smash dlc
The first thing my man did was Teabag. Noice.

Steve Rocks the Block! Minecraft makes its way to Smash Ultimate!

Minecraft protagonists Steve and Alex retain their classic blocky looks from their original game. Unlike certain characters, they do not appear to have shared “Sword Fighter” moves despite carrying a sword. Their moveset appears to be more variety-base and seem most effective interacting with the environment, similar to Pac-Man. Players can spill lava, use Piston-blocks and even “build” on the level.

minecraft in smash
Stages have been heavily reworked to allow for block-building

They can also “mine” levels to get resources and upgrade their weaponry. In the six-minute announcement, Mr. Sakurai states that all the levels needed to be ‘reworked’ to compliment the latest DLC fighter’s moveset.

Steve handles his Sword differently from most of the Sword Fighters like Link and Hero.

When Nintendo broke the news of an announcement on social media, it garnered a lot of excitement. Over 6,000 registered users queued up in the Youtube livestream, which still had its chat offline.

smash crashes twitter

The six-minute announcement trailer premiered to over 100,000 viewers, and has then been removed from public viewing. You can still watch it from Gamespot’s trailer channel, however. The second Steve was revealed, Twitter failed to load and became unresponsive for at least 15 minutes.

More information on Steve and Alex will be revealed in a “Mr. Sakura presents” segment approximately 27 hours from now.

Nintendo Does not Disappoint!

The news is still making rounds as one of the hottest collaborations in history. The Smash franchise is well-known for its high-profile collaborations. Smash 4 DLCs include Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII and Bayonetta from Bayonetta to name a few. Nintendo’s first DLC announced for the Nintendo Switch’s Smash Ultimate is Joker from
Persona 5. They even brought in fan-favorite Microsoft mascot Banjo-Kazooie, who hasn’t had a mainline game since 2008.

TL;DR – Nintendo continues to surprise us with it’s prolific collaborations, and has basically proven that nothing is impossible. Could we finally be getting Sora from Kingdom Hearts as our next DLC fighter?

Excited for Steve and Alex? Reload your Nintendo E-Wallet at SEAGM to prepare for their arrival.

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