Winter has taken over! This is Call of Duty Mobile Season 13 – Winter War!

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Christmas season is everywhere! From Steam Winter Sales to PUBG Mobile, and now, amidst all the festivities, winter has taken over Season 13 of Call of Duty Mobile with its very own Winter War! Today we take a look at what’s on hand with the latest season which JUST launched yesterday (21st December 2020).

Call of Duty Mobile – Winter War

Winter is officially upon us, and Call of Duty Mobile is going all out with Season 13’s Winter War. With two snow-filled Multiplayer maps alongside loads of other content, a stacked Battle Pass, the On the Brink themed event, Season 13 is stacked up with even more to offer!

Snowy Terrains

What’s a Call of Duty Mobile Winter War for Season 13 without a snowy experience right? Players can expect maps filled with snow (and even a modern looking Christmas Tree) with the latest update. One of those maps? Nuketown Russia:


The ever popular fan favourite, Nuketown, which was first introduced in Black Ops 4, sees a blistering cold take over the classic multiplayer map. Layout is pretty much the same, but what’s different is it’s unpredictable combat. If you’re a regular Nuketown fan, you’d know what we mean.

One other map with a snowy, “holiday” overhaul is none other than Raid! Sure it looks luxurious and gorgeous as usual, but don’t get carried away with its extravagant outlook, as business carries on as usual. We’re talking an all out Winter War over here!


New Multiplayer Mode – Grind

First introduced in Modern Warfare, Grind is essentially a mode which combines the rules of Kill Confirmed and Hardpoint, where players will have to pick up dog tags from confirmed kills, and drop them off at selected points in the map. It’s all out fast paced action from start to finish, so be ready soldier!

Winter War Battle Pass 

As usual from Battle Passes, Call of Duty Mobile Season 13 Winter War includes both tiers of free and premium content. Which includes Operators, Weapon Blueprints, Charms, a new scorestreak, a new functional weapon, and more. 


Season 13 Winter War features a ton of rewards up for grabs. The Holiday Bonanza Event features a Holiday Raid, Winter Prop Hunt, and the main event itself, On The Brink. Getting tired of competing in all the events? Take a cool cruise in the Battle Royale Mode with a rocket powered snowboard in Ski-Town! You can even pull a Tony Hawk and perform tricks like the 360 or 720 grab! 

With so much on offer for Call of Duty Mobile Season 13 Winter War, there’s no excuse for NOT getting into the game right now! The rocket-powered snowboard itself is an experience by itself. Top up your Call of Duty mobile CP on SEAGM, and stay frosty, soldier!

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