PUBG Mobile (PUBGM) Season 14 – Livik Map? Spark the Flame? Ancient Secrets?

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Has time been passing by really, really quickly in 2020, or is it just us? It feels as if we were just talking about the previous season, with Fire and Ice Rangers. Lo and behold, we have now arrived at PUBG Mobile (PUBGM) Season 14! We hear there’s a new Livik Map, Ancient Secrets, and… Spark the Flame? Let’s take a look.

Source: Electro Gaming Youtube Channel

So you’ve seen the trailer above, and now you’re wondering what it was all about right? We take a look at what PUBG Mobile (PUBGM) Season 14 has in store, one-by-one, and we share our thoughts. Starting with;

Spark the Flame

Firstly, there’s a new mode called Spark the Flame, which will involve the Erangel map. Players will be camping at three locations on Erangel, locations which will have tents and statues of Stun Grenades. By igniting the statues, players will be able to get supplies like Level 3 helmets, jackets, Kar98 etc.Grab some grenades, and rule the battlefield!

Ancient Secret

This is something that came out of nowhere. We first saw glimpses of this mode on Youtube, with players playing them on Beta. Here, check out Powerbang Gaming’s playthrough for yourself:

Source: Powerbang Gaming Youtube Channel

This mode takes place on Miramar. A huge titan-ish being can be seen in the waiting lobby, and as you enter the game, players will be able to see “Sky Temples” across the map. Although not exactly flying high in the sky, these temples will eventually float in the air, so brace yourself! 

Mummy Boss?

Source: – Mummy boss!

While that’s happening, there are a series of puzzles that will need to be solved. Solving them will grant a Pharaoh’s curse, along with some treasure (not really a curse is it?). There is also a “Mummy Boss” which resides in the upper floor of the temple. She summons snakes, and you’re bound to lose a ton of ammo in this battle. But killing her snakes drops ammo, so you’re good to go. Either way, just be prepared for a battle!

New Map: Livik

Source: PUBG Mobile Youtube Channel

It’s been teased for awhile now, and it looks beautiful! Livik is filled with snow-covered mountains, green pastured, and flowers. It’s also home to some exclusive weapons like the P90 SMG and MK 12 Marksman Rifle. 

Apart from all these attractions, the one important thing to note here is that Livik is designed to be a short game map. What this means is that the map is small, featuring a 2km by 2km radius, and a maximum of 52 players per game. So if you’re looking for a quick match on the go, this is the map to play!

One last thing, there’s also a Monster Truck on the map… Just saying…

Season 14 Royale Pass


And lastly, of course, all new skins. What we know so far, is that the theme is “Spark the Flame”. The Commander skin (Image above) will be a part of the Season 14 Royale Pass, featuring a silver cape, as well as a full uniform. There’s also going to be a Pharaoh skin with a male and female variation, as well as a Silver Soldier skin.

In conjunction with the 2nd Anniversary of Royale Pass, the Roaring Dragon and Dragon Hunter – themed rewards from Season 5 will be returning as well! 


To conclude, if you update the game right now, and you’ll receive 2,888 BP, 100x AG, and a Nightmare Helmet! And if you’ve skipped the whole article and came to the bottom still confused, here’s a video courtesy of SEAGM, wrapping it up for you:

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