Your all in one guide to PUBG Mobile’s (PUBGM) Sanhok Relic Hunt

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As the final installment to the PUBG Mobile (PUBGM) Summer Land event, we now have the Sanhok Relic Hunt! So what’s in it for us gamers? What are the potential rewards obtainable? Let’s take a look below.

PUBG Mobile (PUBGM) Summer Land Event

What kickstarted back in May (20th to be exact), Summer Land featured 10 events for a duration of nearly two months. Each event involved activities for players to do in order to receive a reward. Previous 9 events were (In order):

  • BP Spender
  • Team Up
  • Log In
  • 1-UC Treasure Raid
  • Jungle Adventure
  • Online Rewards
  • Lucky Egg
  • Road Trip
  • Daily Deal Pack
Summer Land Events

Sanhok Relic Hunt

The Sanhok Relic Hunt is the final event of Summerland, and will take place until the 6th of July. Players will have to collect relics by doing daily missions, and exchange these relics for rewards. There are 5 daily missions to complete, however they are all mainly basic tasks. For example:

Complete a classic match

Complete 3 classic matches

Spend a total of 60 minutes in the game

Complete a Classic game with friends

Those are not all the tasks per se, as there are more. Either way, the set of missions will vary from day to day, and will reward different currency fragments.


Sand Dune – SCAR L Skin / Source:

There will be a Sand Dune – SCAR-L skin, and a Killer Whale Parachute which lasts for 3 days, and a Casual Stroll Set lasting 5 days. Other than the usual skins and other drops which are available, the main thing that players will be aiming to get would be the Jungle Warrior Title. It’s a tag that lasts for 30 days, and is displayed along with your feature as a poster (and bragging rights of course).

Jungle Warrior Title / Source:

How to get the Jungle Warrior Title?

The Jungle Warrior Title can be acquired by exchanging relics; A Bone Chain, Sundial, and Mysterious Feather to be specific. All relics can be obtained by completing Daily Missions (refer above for more information). Once all the relics are acquired, then you’re set! In other words, all that’s left is for you to do, is to go and claim it!

In conclusion, the Daily Missions are actually fairly simple to complete, which makes it easy to obtain rewards from this Sanhok Relic Hunt event. What do you think? Above all, has anyone managed to obtain everything already? Do let us know in the comments section below! 

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