There’s a new map coming to PUBG, and it’s called Paramo!

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We take PUBG seriously here at SEAGM, and when we heard news about a new map, you bet your butt we were psyched! There’s a new map called Paramo that was teased, right before Season 9 kicks in. So what’s the deal behind this new map? 

PUBG Season 9 – Paramo

PUBG Corp are usually pretty secretive about maps, but in this case, it’s pretty awesome to see them throw a tease or two. Okay, let’s clear the air here a little bit. Sure, we’re all excited, but do take note, that Paramo is for PUBG PC and console (not PUBG Mobile… at least not yet). The map is being introduced in line with it’s latest 9th season which will be released soon (last we checked, October 21st). Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s take a deeper look at what we’ve found on Paramo.

Fog, South American environment, and a volcano? 

Source: PUBG Official Youtube Channel

From the trailer above, it’s pretty obvious that we’re dealing with a Volcano here. It’s ash, fog, and a helicopter. Yeah, we’re trying to draw a picture here, but we’re also avoiding it at this point? 

Speaking of volcanoes, would you be surprised to know that PUBG actually teased a sketch of the volcano 2 months ago? No, we’re serious. Here take a look:

Source: PlayerIGN Twitter Page

Also, based on another tease on PUBG’s Twitter account, it looks like Paramo is a map that will feature “thousands of possibilities”. The image alone shows the same map, in three different scenarios. This could mean that players might be playing on a hostile battlefield. Sure, PUBG is all about hostility against your opponents, but we’re talking about a different “hostile entity” here. In case you didn’t get it, it’s the volcano! There’s also You can tell by now that we’re really excited to see what Paramo has to offer. 

Source: PUBG Official Youtube Channel

And to sweeten it all up, there’s this other teaser which pushes on a “dynamic” landscape, further cementing our guess that the volcano is hostile, and WILL change the map entirely. Question is, will it happen mid game, or is it already pre-decided prior? For now, it’s  guessing game. 

Release Date

As we’ve mentioned above, Season 9 will be released on October 21st. The Paramo map however, will be released in stages:

  • PC – October 21st 
  • Consoles – October 29th

To conclude, it’s time to prepare for Season 9, and PUBG’s most “dynamic” map up to date, Paramo, and that Volcano. Right? What are your thoughts? If you’re not on the game already, why not grab some Steam Wallet codes from SEAGM and join the fun?

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