Mondstadt local specialty in Genshin Impact locations

by Sammy Chan
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Mondstadt local specialty items are usable for many things in Genshin Impact. Most importantly, you will need these items to ascend your character and weapons. They spawn every other day so you want to make sure you collect them as they re-appear.

We’ll list all Mondstadt local specialty, what they are used for and where you can find them!

Calla Lily

  • Where: Next to bodies of water like lakes and beaches but the best spot is the lake at Springvale. There are 15 Calla Lilies here but also other great materials like meat, fowl, fish and frog to pick up.

    If you need more, go take a walk around Cider Lake or Dadaupa Gorge. You can also buy some from Flora, the little girl in Mondstadt.
  • Usage: Calla Lily can be useful for making Calla Lily Seafood Soup but also doubles as an ascension material for Kaeya.


  • Where: All the way up at Starsnatch Cliff. Teleport to the Starfell Valley waypoint and take a walk up the cliff. There are several batches here by the rocks and edges. I’ve gotten 22 Cecilias in a single stroll up the cliff.

    There’s also Sharp the NPC walking around the edge of the cliff. Talk to him to get five Cecilias for free. This only work once, though. However, don’t worry, the Cecilias will respawn every other day so remember to come back.
  • Usage: The only known usage for Cecilia currently is ascension for Venti.

Dandelion Seed

  • Where: There are several spots with many batches of Dandelion Seed, refer to the map below. Note that you can’t pick up the seed via interaction. You will need to blow the fuzzy top off first with an Anemo skill i.e the Traveler’s elemental skill.

    If you refer to the map, the fourth spot with a little lake, you can get Lotus Heads here and there’s also a cluster of Lamps next to the lake. You can get up and across the hill via teleporting to the Valley of Remembrance. Climb up the domain entrance then follow the path.
  • Usage: Dandelion Seed currently has two purpose, one is crafting and another is ascension. You can craft Gushing Essential Oil and Windbarrier Potion via Alchemy. As for ascension, the character that uses Dandelion Seed is Jean.

Philanemo Mushroom

  • Where: On buildings in Mondstadt, Springvale and Dawn Winery. Big clusters are mostly in Mondstadt itself and Springvale. There are only three in Dawn Winery.
  • Usage: The Philanemo Mushroom is used for Barbara, Klee and Mona’s character ascension. No usage in crafting or weapon ascension for now.

Small Lamp Grass

Where: They’re scattered around but there are three main clusters in Wolfendom, Whispering Woods and Windrise. Referring to the screenshot, for Wolfendom and Whispering Woods, just teleport to the point and walk along the path, you’ll see the Small Lamp Grasses on either side of the path in the sparse forestry. It’s easier to spot them at night since they glow.

  • Usage: You can use these to cook Pile ‘Em Up but I suggest not using ascension materials for cooking. You can ascend Amber, Diluc and Fischl with these.


  • Where: Valberries can only be found in two area of Mondstadt region and that’s Stormbearer Point and Stormbearer Mountains. We’ve mapped out the specific locations in the screenshot below.
  • Usage: Valberry has no use for crafting nor weapon ascension. They are, however, useful for ascending Lisa and Noelle. You could do a Valberry run weekly for the Battle Pass mission to get 100 Mondstadt Local Specialties.

Windwheel Aster

  • Where: They’re found in two main areas near the Statue of Seven. The first spot is the area surrounding the Statue of Seven at Windrise. There are also several of them scattered around Stormterror’s Lair.
  • Usage: Windwheel Asters can help in character ascension for the Travelers, Sucrose and Bennett. Other than that they currently have no other use.


  • Where: Wolfenhook is a special fruit that only appears in Wolfendom. We’ve added the location of each berry to in that area. They typically laying around at the foot of a tree or hidden in a bush so keep an eye out for the loot sparkle.

    These are also helpful in contributing to your weekly 100. There’s a a lone Dandelion here that you can pick up.
  • Usage: Besides being useful as character ascension material for Razor and Sucrose, they have no other use.

That’s all the Mondstadt local specialty we have for you! Next up you can check out our Liyue local specialty here or find other Genshin Impact guides here.

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