8 Things You Must Know as Imposter in Among Us – How to be a Good Imposter

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Among Us is the current internet sensation that’ll last as long as your friendships remain interesting. Taking the concept of Werewolf or 狼来了 (Lang Lai Le), Among Us sprinkles a set of minigames across the map, giving players more control over their fate rather than leaving their deaths to the complete mercy of the killer. That being said, Among Us can be extremely daunting when you’re put in the space boots of the imposter. Master your Among Us Imposter game with these 8 tips.

1. Take Note of Your Kill Cooldown!

I didn’t think I’d have to say this, but after a hilarious blunder by my friend, I guess I should.

Depending on the lobby host, games of Among Us can have different Kill Cooldown times. As the name implies, the Imposter has to go through a “cooldown” phase where he can’t kill after performing a kill. This prevents the Imposter from going Super Saiyan and clearing out an entire room of Crewmates.

among us
Source: Big Boaby on YT

Therefore, knowing how long your kill cooldown is is important in planning your picks. Shorter kill cooldowns let you utilize riskier and faster-pace kills, and makes it easier for you to pick off stragglers from reporting your victims. Longer cooldowns, on the other hand, will require you to plan your kills carefully and require a different, safer playstyle altogether.

So, keep this in mind when you see two dead bodies close together. It wasn’t a double-kill from the same person, it was two Imposters killing together at the same time.

2. Recognize Crewmate Tasks. Intermediate Imposter Tips

It can be difficult to kill with a witness around. There’s a workaround for that, though.

Say coincidentally three of you wind up in the same room or corridor. A crewmate decides to do a task. Do you recognize the task he’s doing? Is it wires that eats up the entire screen? Better yet, is it a the agonizingly long upload/download or god forbid, the infuriating Maze in Polus? The point is, take note on how long a particular task plays, and how much of the screen it covers.

The Maze task on Polus can take up a quite a bit of time to complete. Use this time to KILL.

Do you recognize the said crewmate; is he observant or super passive? Is he or she the type to remember who they pass by? If the answer to all these questions justify pulling off a risky kill and skedaddling out of there,

Do it.

3. Understand the “Third Imposter” Concept

Among Us is best played with a full party of ten in a Discord voice channel. This saves the time of typing out lengthy responses, and makes it easier to distinguish any hesitations and “sus” out Imposters. In which, this is another one of the VITAL Among Us Imposter tips.

Two imposters against eight crewmates is a very fine balance, allowing for minimal mistakes at the same time possible to deduce the identity of the imposters with enough time. The “Third Imposter” concept is basically having a crewmate vouch for your innocence, having said person unknowingly assisting you and becoming the “Third Imposter”.

A “Third Imposter” needs to be earned, and it can be a dreary and tiring game that’ll hopefully pay off in the long run. You need to gain the trust of a crewmate. You can do so by sticking by one and not killing them even in the most opportune moments. It’s risky, especially if the crewmates are quick to finish their tasks, but if your partner Imposter manages to secure two kills before being called to a meeting, the crewmates might think of it as a double kill, and your “Third Imposter” should vouch for your innocence.

That being said, having someone willingly vouch for your innocence is an invaluable asset for you especially in the late game. Imagine a situation where it’s down to three Jellybeans, and your “Third Imposter” has the deciding vote. Having earned their trust, they’re inclined to vote off the other person.

4. Keep tabs on Everyone!

It might be tempting to kill a lone crewmate on a far side of a map, but you need to make sure that you won’t be singled out as the killer. This is most vital when you’re in a map that has “vitals”, or if you commit a kill that’s visible in the security room.

If everyone vouches for each other and no one vouches for you, you’ll be singled out as an Imposter. Ideally, try to kill someone and quickly regroup, so that you can say that you were with someone. Try to gauge a reasonable distance to commit a kill, as killing too near a group will lead to a quick discovery, and killing too far and isolated will result in you being singled out. Like everything in life, it’s all about striking the perfect balance of the two extremities.

5. Use Vents! Responsibly!!! The Obvious Imposter Tips

It’s possible to win games as Imposters without using the vents. Once you’ve gotten a feel for the game, however, utilizing vents can be an extremely advantageous tool for your arsenal.

Vents serve as teleporters that can only be used by the imposter. They can move an Imposter from distant points almost instantaneously, and can be hidden in so that they don’t immediately accidentally reveal themselves to the crewmates.

Source: Kyskke on YouTube

Vents have their limitations, however, and though are extremely helpful, don’t upset the game’s balance. Vents are limited to a certain network of vents, meaning you won’t be able to “vent” too far off from your initial location (Mira is the exception). Additionally, they have a rather long “venting” animation, meaning it’s easy to get caught in the act.

But don’t be discouraged! Vents are very much the high-risk, high-reward play. You could commit a kill in one room and “vent” to another room and fake tasks. You can even hide in one just in case there are crewmates in the room you want to vent to. These next few Among Us Imposter Tips are for riskier gameplay.

6. Confirm Ejects Off? Go Ham.

If you’re playing with a bunch of big brains, it’s time to turn confirm ejects off. This makes it difficult for crewmates to gauge how many imposters are remaining and if they should vote someone off. That being said, this mode is more for the hardcore-leaning audiences, but there’s no shame in enjoying either. It’s a game, after all. End of the day we’re all just here for a good time. Just, try to follow the three golden in-house rules at the very least.

Not knowing if you made the right decision is always nerve-wrecking. Source: Disguised Toast on FB Gaming

With Confirm Ejects: Off there is absolutely no way for the crewmates to immediately confirm if the person voted off is actually an imposter or not. Because of this, you can be more aggressive with your accusations during meetings. It’s safer to self report and pin the blame on a nearby crewmate. It’s safer to blatantly lie about what a crewmate was doing, and it’s safer to say that the person you killed saw you doing asteroids.

Source: “Among Us – GOD DAMN IT” by KAzeruKo’s Kawa on YouTube

Basically, when ejects are off, bring out the worst in yourself. You still need to be smart, however, because being aggressive puts you in the center of attention.

7. Utilize Your Sabotages

Sabotages are important. Say it’s down three people, your kill cooldown is at 30 seconds, and the emergency meeting button is only 15 seconds away from exposing your imposter behind. You have to delay them by 15 seconds to secure the win. Sabotage ANYTHING to get them away from the button, and then land the kill and secure the win.

Sabotages aren’t just great for this reason, however. If crewmates fails to fix the sabotage within the sabotage’s time limit, the Imposters automatically win. That being said, setting off a sabotage after landing a kill is a great way to divert attention from the body and regroup with everyone.

Art by @NETHERV01D on Twitter

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Additionally, if you notice the Sabo timer nearing expiration and a lone crewmate waiting for their partner to fix the other end, kill the crewmate before the Sabo is fixed and you win the game. Don’t do it too early, as bodies can still be reported to stop the Sabo timer and vote you out.

There’s also “Door Sabotages” where Imposters can seal off locations from other crewmates. This is great for sealing off a body from the public and making a quick vent getaway. It may be difficult to come off as not suspicious, but with a little practice, you’ll be splitting beans in half like a pro.

8. ‘Til Death Do Us (Not) Part

Let’s face it, everyone’s life in this game is expendable. There is no victory without sacrifice in this game. Crewmates have to die before Imposters can be deduced, and am Imposter may have to call out their partner to continue feigning their innocence. No sacrifice, no victory.

That being said, you can still be valuable ally to your fellow Imposter in death. If you notice that they are a fledgling imposter, help them out with main event sabotages like Reactor or Oxygen to help thin out the crewmates.

If your partner is experienced, you’ll want to leave them to doing the major sabotages on his own. Try to figure out his or her playstyle and try locking doors to seal off potential witnesses.

And that concludes the set of Among Us Imposter Tips for this article! We hope you fully utilize them and put your friendships to the ultimate test. For more Imposter tips, stick to SEAGM Guides, where we’re covering Genshin Impact, too!

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