Karakin is PUBG Mobile’s Latest Map – Here are the Best Places to Loot and Drop

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Karakin is the latest map addition to critically-acclaimed mobile game PUBG Mobile. It will arrive to the public April 7, 2021, and will replace Vikendi on ranked and classic matches. Karakin is a compact 2km by 2km area map with little vegetation, making it perfect for quick intense matches. Though it is a new map to PUBG Mobile, it has been on PUBG PC since last year.

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Karakin is looking to revamp the gameplay of PUBG Mobile Patch 1.3, as it introduces the Black Zone and wallbanging. The Black Zone is a dangerous entity that has the potential to destroy and alter geographic landscapes that knocks down buildings, exposes cover, and potentially eliminates the player from the game. Wallbang is a gun mechanic that allows players to shoot through walls, making stealth a more valuable tactic.

where to drop in karakin

Additionally, the introduction of sticky bombs to Karakin will have players using them to destroy thin walls to access rooms and bunkers filled with loot.

All PUBG Mobile Karakin Landmarks and Drop Locations

Here are all the best landmarks to drop into for good loot:

  • Al-Hayik – Medium to high risk, medium building density of small structures. Decent amounts of loot.
  • Tunnels – Underground, multi-floor structure. High loot volume with potential to be raided early game.
  • Hadiqa Nemo – High loot volume, high early game enemy encounter potential.
  • Bahr Sahir – Location of the “Water Tower” and located on the outskirts of Karakin. High loot volume.
  • Bashara – The go-to firefight location. Has winding alleys and plenty buildings, making it the perfect battleground.
  • Cargo Ship – Low loot volume, though will provide players a great advantage if they manage to secure this point fast and eliminate the other enemies before they can loot.
  • Al Habar – Highest building density and highest loot volume. High risk with multiple sniping power points.
  • Jamilla Textiles – slightly south west (or lower left) of Al Habar. High risk area.

Underground Network of Tunnels Have Plenty Loot

Aside from the obvious landmarks, you will also want to look for Dome structures that have underground bunkers. They can be found scattered throughout Karakin and in the desert plains. Not all “domes” have the underground bunkers, but you can distinguish the ones that do with flat destructible geography. If the dome is filled with rubble, then the bunker is not accessible.

There are multiple types of underground bunkers; some will be only a single floor, while others may be three floors deep. These underground bunkers are sometimes connected via tunnels of a different entry location, so be aware that you may encounter other players looting the area. Take notice of any exposed brick walls, as they can be torn down with sticky bombs. It’s worth it as usually you can find a Panzerfaust (RPG) in them.

Tips for surviving Karakin:

  • Get sticky bombs! Not only can they hold off enemies akin to mollies in other games, but can also expose entrances to secret areas with powerful loot such as the Panzerfaust.
  • Walls are now destructible, so try to consider the Pay attention to underground bunkers (they have the best loot!)
  • Early game weapons should be SMGs and Rifles for mid-range close combat.
  • Avoid going to Cargo Ship late game. It has low loot volume and has most likely been stripped dry.

Check out our overview video below!

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