PUBG Mobile Update 1.3 – Royale Pass Season 18: Hundred Rhythm, UC 14% Off

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It’s an anniversary celebration with PUBG Mobile Update 1.3, and SEAGM is hopping on the bandwagon! In line with the update, and Royale Pass Season 18, SEAGM will be having a UC promotion. Time to buy PUBG Mobile UC and save up to 14%! Don’t forget to save some for the Royale Pass.

Buy PUBG Mobile UC and save up to 14% with SEAGM

You read that right. In line with update 1.3, and Royale Pass Season 18, SEAGM will be having a special promo for PUBG Mobile UC. Save up to 14% from the 10th – 16th of March! To get started, first head to SEAGM’s PUBG UC page. Then, just follow the steps in the video below:

PUBG Mobile Update 1.3

With every update that rolls along, there are always rewards for updating early. The same applies here. Update between 9th – 14th March, and receive:

  • 3,000 BP
  • 100 AG
  • Cute Kitten – Pan (3D)

What is Hundred Rhythms Mode?

It’s all about the rhythms and (ironically) clowns, as the Hundred Rhythms Mode arrives in Erangel. Get the party started with a Music Armband which grants 3 special skills. Choose a skill that suits you, upgrade the skill by collecting scattered cassettes, and dominate the battlefield with the help of your skill. Just make sure to select Erangel in the map selection screen to access this special mode. Once you’re in it:

  • A screen requiring players to choose a skill will appear on Spawn Island. Players will need to choose an armband.
  • Players will get 3 skills after selecting a skill. The first is an active skill that grants the player a powerful ability; the other two are passive skills that grant the player buffs.
  • Players will start the match with just the core skill and will need to get cassettes to unlock the passive skills.
  • In each match, 3 electronic music squares will spawn on Erangel. One of them will always spawn on Spawn Island, while the other 2 will spawn in random locations.

Clowns have arrived to PUBG Mobile

There’s graffiti all over the place, and the ones responsible are clowns! Collect Clown Tokens and exchange them for strategic items. There will also be a Music Graffiti Wall at Graffiti Square (Spawn Island). Use spray paint to trigger musical notes! The clowns will be available from 31st March onwards.

Metro Royale: Uncover 

The latest chapter to Metro Royale has arrived with new rewards. There are some changes being introduced. For instance; Extra elite enemies will suddenly appear on the battlegrounds, and the Metro Exodus monsters and Tikhar Rifle have been removed. Oh, and enemies are now smarter too, so keep a lookout!

New Weapon and Vehicle

Sniper mains are going to have a ball of a time with the new Mosin-Nagant Sniper Rifle; a 7.62mm bolt-action sniper rifle that is as powerful as the Kar98K. Bullets fly faster with the Nagant Sniper, and can knock out an unarmored enemy with a single shot from a long distance. It will be available in Erangel and Vikendi, replacing some of the Kar98K rifles.

There is also a new vehicle being introduced in Erangel and Miramar. The Motor Glider is a 2-person vehicle that consists of a front seat for the pilot and a back seat where a passenger can shoot from.

Royale Pass Season 18: HUNDRED RHYTHMS 

Coming March 17th is Royale Pass Season 18. Themed Hundred Rhythms, players will be given a choice for rank rewards twice. According to the patch notes, we could be seeing some special guests once the anniversary party starts. There will be 2 advanced sets available for rank 1 – 50, and a Violin Music Set and a mysterious Kar98K Finish for Rank 100!

Update now, buy some UC’s from SEAGM, and stay tuned to SEAGM News for more PUBG Mobile updates!

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