New Battle Royale by NetEase: Lost Light | Is this the best one yet?

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We’re so used to talking about Battle Royale Giants PUBG Mobile, and garena Free Fire here on SEAGM. But there’s a new mobile Battle Royale title in town, and it’s by NetEase. It brings something new to the table, which could quite possibly put it up as the best Battle Royale title yet. That is when it officially is available. Read on.

NetEase is bringing something new to the Battle Royale Table

Enter the post-apocalyptic world of Lost Light, a game that strips war down to it’s emotional core, walking a fine line between life and death. We’re all familiar with how the Battle Royale genre works. Get your opponents, dodge the evil giant bubble, eliminate your enemies, and win the game. But with Lost Light, things are different.

Lost Light

The task at hand proves to be a big one, with players having to uncover the secrets within the lockdown zone as a member of the Firefly Squad. Players will have to make tough decisions to ensure survival, some of which might be a little unconventional to a Battle Royale game. 

Lost Light gives players the ability to go about as usual, Or PARTNER / TEAM UP with enemies. One of the mechanics behind this, is to pay your enemies with loot to be rescued after being knocked out. Why though? Well, partnering with enemies boosts chances of survival. Makes sense? 

Apart from that, Lost Light also gives players a chance to set up shop. What this does is allow players with enough loot to set up a shelter, and trade their loot with other players. Interesting…

Weapons – A Big Focus point for Lost Light

Weapons are also a focus in Lost Light, as each weapon has 12 modifiable parts, offering a touch of realism into the game. Whether it’s a texture, or even structure of a gun, Lost Light has you covered, with 1:1 comparisons of their real-life counterparts. 

As the game rolls out it’s Beta, there’s not much available about the game for now, apart from it’s website. But stay tuned,  as we have a feeling that this one might be a big one. Meanwhile, have you tried NetEase’s other titles like  Identity V  and Life After

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