Galaxy Racer eSports bags USD 48k in FFIC 2021 | MVP Techkk: 16 Kills

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The Free Fire India Championship drew to a close this week, crowning champions Galaxy Racer eSports. Prize money won? A cool USD 48k. It also saw Team Chaos’s Techkk pick up the overall MVP title with 16 kills, and an epic clutch game by team 6 Sense. Read on for the full zest:

FFIC – Spring Champions: Galaxy Racer eSports

A brief look into FFIC 2021; The Championship kickstarted on the 29th of January, and featured 12 teams in the grand finals, battling it out over six matches and three maps. The teams were:

  • Galaxy Racer eSports
  • Chaos (previously known as Team KS)
  • Team Elite
  • 6 Sense (previously known as XTZ Esports)
  • Last Breath
  • Nemesis
  • Captains,
  • Team D
  • LVL-Iconic
  • Survivor 4AM
  • AFF Esports (previously known as Optimum Esports)
  • Total Gaming Esports

At the end of it all, one team stood victorios, and it was Team Galaxy racer eSports, consisting of VasiyoCRJ, Golden, BarcaBoi, Aman, And MaryX.

The Grand Finals also saw the overall MVP title go to Team Chaos Member, Techkk, whose team came in at an overall 2nd place, raking in a total of USD20k. Techkk gathered 16 kills, above 6 Sense’s Stoner, Galaxy Racer’s MaryX, and Survivor 4AM’s Golden, All of which came in with 10 kills each in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place.

Final Standings


Team 6 Sense Epic Clutch is One for the Books

Of course the Grand Finals also came with a set of excellent highlights. There’s a part in the final match where Total Gaming wiping out LVL-Iconic was great, but what followed after was truly one for the books: 6 Sense starting at a disadvantage after getting grenaded by AFF. With one member down, and a game saving epic clutch by the members left standing, team AFF was wiped out entirely. Now THAT, was a pretty good trade. You can watch it below:

Source: Aapu 404 Youtube Channel

What’s Next?

Well, With Team Galaxy Racer winning this round, they’ve also secured a spot at the Free Fire World Series (FFWS) 2021 Grand Finals which will be held on May 29th, in Singapore. Team Chaos on the other hand has qualified for the play-ins for FFWS 2021, which will be held on May 22nd. There will also be the Free Fire India Championship – Fall Edition 2021 to look forward to later on this year. But do stay tuned, as it looks like it’s going to be a great year for Free Fire Esports.

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