Yoodo Gank Continues to Dominate PMPL Season 3 – Week 2 Update

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Week 2 of PUBG Mobile Pro League – Season 3 2021: MYSG Regular Season (or PMPL Season 3 MY/SG) has concluded, and Yoodo Gank continues to dominate.

Yoodo Gank slipped at Match 6/6 of Super Weekend Week 2 settling for 11th place. However, that didn’t deter them from securing the top spot in the Super Weekend Leaderboard, amassing 250 points. Closely following are Taugeh Ayam Esports at 234 points and Dingoz MPX at 228 points.

PMPL Season 3 Week 2 Leaderboard

PMPL Season 3 Week 2 Leaderboard currently stands at:

Yoodo Gank250
Taugeh Ayam Esports 234
Dingoz MPX228
Geek Fam216
Team Secret192
Team Whales189
Team SMG180
Anti Circle152
J8 Esports143
Team Bosskurr142
IPhoneWanted LX120
Damansara Flash Vision98
TRX Legend63
Todak PUBGM60
RSG Malaysia54
N.E.D. Brotherhood0

This weekend shows Dingoz MPX on the rise as they overtake GeekFam, Team Secret, and many others by securing a whopping 167 points for the weekend alone.

Kills, Damage, and Other Stats

Dingoz secured the highest number of kills this weekend with 232 frags. Yoodo Gank dealt the highest Total Damage with 49,512 points in total, and R2K dominates the average survival time with 21 minutes 47 seconds. Additionally, the title of Terminator for PMPL Season 3 Week 2 goes to Draxx from Yoodo Gank. In fact, Yoodo Gank’s players are dominating the fragger leaderboard with Bravo and Putra securing the most number of frags.

Yoodo Gank

InSomnus from Team Whales is also standing out in terms of performance. He earned the MVP title for three matches in a row with impressive stats to boot.

pmpl team whales

We’re beginning to see some interesting rivalry between Yoodo Gank and GeekFam. Could they potentially be the Kryptonite to the reknowned “Raja Sanhok”?

The next 15 matches will take place this Wednesday, April 7, 2021. Viewers can view the event live on PUBG Mobile Malaysia’s official YouTube channel, where the event will broadcast in both English and Malay. The top 12 teams by the end of the weekday matches will qualify for Super Weekend Week 2, where they will have a chance to earn bonus points to sway the leaderboards. SEAGM will continue providing updates on PMPL Season 3, so bookmark the link for updates!

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