UTM Cyber War 2021: SEAGM supports local university with sponsorship

by Sammy Chan
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Over the weekend, SEAGM attended UTM Cyber War 2021 as the primary sponsor. The collegiate esports event aims to promote an interest in this new exciting field. Organized by the Sports and Recreation Bureau of University Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), the event successfully attracted 906 participants.

What is the UTM Cyber War 2021?

Due to the current environment, what used to be a Local Area Network event had to change this year. The organizer decided to prioritize safety; they would turn this into a semi-online event. As such, only the prize-giving ceremony was a physical event. 

In this year’s UTM Cyber War 2021, there were three featured with four different leagues. With a total of 906 people, the PUBG M Open had 64 teams, whereas the PUBG Women League has 21 teams. Next up, they also had Mobile Legends and Valorant, both having 40 teams.

In representation of SEAGM, Marketing Manager Raymond Foo took a trip down south to Johor. He presented prizes to the winner during the gift ceremony.

Raymond at the venue, representing SEAGM

Prize Pool and Winners

This year’s event managed to accumulate a prize pool worth MYR 8500. SEAGM contributed to MYR 3000 of the prize pool for this event. Here’s a detailed look at the prize pool and winners!

Prize Pool

  1. PUBG Open – RM 2000
  2. PUBG Women League – RM 500 + RM 1000 SEAGM Credit
  3. Mobile Legends – RM 2000
  4. Valorant – RM 3000

Winner and prizes

PUBG open

  1. Re Lunatic – RM 850
  2. Insurgents – RM 650
  3. MPX Flankers – RM 400
  4. Starz Esports – RM 100

PUBG women 

  1. Loco Flora – RM 250 + RM 500 SEAGM Credits
  2. T9 Alstar Ladies – RM 150 + RM 300 SEAGM Credits
  3. Madame Croco – RM 100 + RM 200 SEAGM Credits
  4. Mobile Legends
  5. INCOGNITO UTM – RM 1000
  6. ESDK Zerg – RM 600
  7. NCRS Esports – RM 400


  1. Hooligans.my – RM 1500
  2. Team Zero – RM 1000
  3. Balotrant – RM 500

Additionally, there was a gaming chair lucky draw with the winner being Lee Min Ning!

The gaming chair that Mr. Lee won!

In the future, SEAGM wishes to sponsor more collegiate esports events to promote esports in Malaysia. If you are a Malaysian university or college interested in holding an esports event, leave me an email here! We might just sponsor your event and make it bigger 😉

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