LEAKED: When is the Nintendo Switch Pro release date again?

by Raymond Foo
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Does the Nintendo Switch Pro release date fall on April 2021? Whispers, rumours, leaks. Everyone’s been on the edge on news regarding Nintendo’s next handheld, hybrid console. But what are rumours when a whole list of launches for 2021 has been leaked? Question is: Is this a legit leak? 

What Leaked Nintendo document?

Nintendo Switch Pro Release Date
Source: Twitter – Life Found A Way

So Nintendo’s gaming community were riled up in a storm last week. A user (named: Life Found A Way) Tweeted an image of an “Internal Use Only” Memo detailing Nintendo’s event flow for it’s Nintendo Direct event. While the image states a Nintendo Direct dated for 11th January 2021, what caught the attention of the masses was the Nintendo Switch Pro, and a release date.

Source: Twitter – Life Found A Way

Nintendo Switch Pro release date?

So based on the image shared, the Nintendo Switch Release Date is set for April 23rd, 2021. It also includes some specs of the gaming console (4K TV support, Dock Pro, Joy Con Pro, Bluetooth Audio Support, HD Screen, 256GB etc). The one thing that caught our attention, was the price, which was also mentioned in the image; $399 (That’s roughly RM 1600.00++) which sets it not too far away from the price of the original Nintendo Switch when it first launched.


Anyone can whip out a document and print it out these days right? The same applies here. We’re taking it with a pinch of salt, as Nintendo hasn’t mentioned anything pertaining to the leak. There are currently 65 million Switch Users, all of whom are comfortable with their devices as it is. Heck, they recently released a special “Super Mario” Switch, and more recently, a Monster Hunter one as well. If we’re reading these move properly, a Switch Pro wouldn’t be a “game-changing” experience anyways. Although those who’d prefer better screen resolutions might appreciate it. That is if the Nintendo Switch Pro release date is real. Only time will tell?

Speculations, rumours, leaks. They’ll remain as such until proper word comes out straight from the horse’s mouth. In this case, Nintendo’s a horse, we just have to make sure we’re riding the right one. Speaking of the Switch, has anyone tried Apex Legends on the device yet? Let us know how it is, we’ve been curious! 

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