Get Cheap LifeAfter Credits with Discounted Pudding Pay from SEAGM

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You can now directly top up LifeAfter Credits with Pudding Pay! You no longer require a credit card, all you need to do is redeem your Pudding Pay E-PIN on the game’s official website. SEAGM is offering huge discounts on Pudding Pay, so be sure to check them out and save big!

LifeAfter is one of the best mobile games of the survival-horror genre. It features robust graphics in addition to its intense action cutscenes. Additionally, it also features precision third-person shooter gameplay mechanics. Not only that, it also has in-depth RPG mechanics. All of these features make LifeAfter one of the best mobile games of all time, and it has even attracted franchises such as Resident Evil for collaborations.

If you’re wondering how Pudding Pay works, it’s a very simple and direct form of payment. When you purchase a Pudding Pay E-PIN (or card), it is similar to purchasing an online bank note that can be used at specific retailers.

pudding pay discounts

The Pudding Pay E-PIN will have a specific card number similar to a physical bank notes serial number. You can redeem this card number at any merchant that accepts Pudding Pay for specific amounts.

Pudding Pay E-PIN for LifeAfter

How to purchase and redeem Pudding Pay E-PIN?

  1. Purchase Pudding Pay (NetEase Games) E-PIN at SEAGM
  2. Obtain the E-PIN card number and password from your
  3. Visit LifeAfter Website
  4. Select server and insert your Player ID
  5. Of all the available payment options, select Pudding Pay
  6. Choose your desired Recharge Amount
  7. Enter Pudding Pay card number and password to redeem.
cheap pudding pay

To ensure smoothness of transaction, please make sure that all the details of your LifeAfter account are correct. This is inclusive of your character’s User ID to the server and region you play on.

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