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We’ve been on a roll when it comes to the scariest horror games here on SEAGM, and today we’re going to be touching on another one: Identity V. Best of all, we’ll even talk about how you can easily buy Identity V Echoes to up your game! But before that, if you’re left in the dark about Identity V, let’s start off with getting to know the game.

Identity V

identity v echoes
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Covering multiple platforms (PC, Android and iOS), Identity V is a free to download asymmetrical multiplayer horror game that’s developed and published by NetEase. Gameplay revolves around five players, participating in single matches. One of the players (Hunter) is tasked with eliminating the other four players (Survivors) before all objectives are completed (Sounds familiar at this point. Does “Among Us” ring a bell?). Anyways, in short, the Hunter wins when there are 2 kills, whereas the survivors win if 2 of them escape. 

The game gets pretty in depth with Primary and secondary skills, Persona’s, and different modes to play in, and is best experienced first hand. You can try it out on mobile below:

Buy Identity V Echoes with Pudding Pay!

Now, we’ve already covered Pudding Pay in general, but we’ll lay it out here as well for your ease. Pudding Pay is also known as NetEase E Pin, which enables Android users to purchase Identity V Echoes with ease. It also enables players to top up all the other games within NetEase’s arsenal of titles. And of course, Pudding Pay Top-Ups are available on SEAGM. Do take note though, that Pudding Pay only works for Android users.

So wait, what about iOS users then?

Fret not, as SEAGM has a solution for that as well, specifically for Identity V. SEAGM stocks Identity V Echoes, and it’s available globally. The difference between using Pudding Pay and purchasing Identity V Echoes directly is simple, ease. If you’re a gamer that plays a lot of games by NetEase, then Pudding Pay makes topping-up a breeze.

buy identity v echoes

What are the other games supported by Pudding Pay?

Apart from Identity V, the following games are also supported:

There will also be support for LifeAfter in December, so stay tuned!

How to buy Pudding Pay Credits on SEAGM?

To conclude, with over 100 million downloads, Identity V is a game definitely worth checking out if you haven’t, especially if you’re into horror, and survival genres. If you’re already playing the game, then say hello to Identity V Echoes, with Pudding Pay, and on SEAGM!

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