Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) is having a party: MLBB 515 eParty!

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A party at home? That’s right, a Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) 515 eParty! Who says you can’t party while staying at home? MOONTON! That’s who. 

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) 515 eParty is here, and it’s on a global scale! Why a party you ask? Well, it is a digital era, and everyone now has access to an internet connection as well as a smartphone. Hence, a party from home! And of course, it’s to encourage players of all ages and backgrounds to join in the fun of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!

The 515 eParty will be featuring in-game events, as well as community events on social media for everyone to join. Check out their Facebook page to join in the fun! Speaking of fun, what exactly does 515 eParty have in store? 

Party Tickets

Collect Party Tickets, which can then be used to redeem exclusive rewards, including a 515 Exclusive “Party King” Recall Effect, 515 “Time to Celebrate” Elimination Effect, “Huuuuu~”Battle Emote, and much more!

How to get Party Tickets?

Log in May 9th to claim 2000 party tickets, partake in the social media events, or win massive party tickets by completing tasks. There are two kinds of eParty tasks: 

Daily regular tasks like logging into the game, partaking in a Rank / Classic / Brawl match, teaming up with friends and completing one Classic / Rank match. Complete daily regular tasks to save Party Tickets and log in on May 2nd to claim them.

Special Tasks like acquiring a gold medal numerous times. Harder, but more rewarding.

Party Tickets will also show up occasionally near the buildings in Party Square. Just tap the 515 icon to go to the Party Square, and claim them.

Theme Song MV?

What’s a party without some music right? As a bonus, there’s a debut of the Party Legends: 515 eParty Theme Song MV. 

Party Legends | 515 eParty Music Video

So what do you think? Are you guys ready to party with Moonton? If so, check out this Boost campaign that is running on SEAGM right now, and click here to get your MLBB Diamonds!

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