SEAGM brings on PUBG M Streamers Battle 2020

by Yong Chi Winn
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SEAGM is bringing something different this time around with our next sponsored event. Working with Level 7, we will be hosting PUBG M Streamers Battle 2020!

Level 7 is an event organizer from Bangladesh. It’s the first time for us, collaborating with the PUBG M community from this country. We’ll be featuring local celebrity streamers as well as a BDT 120,000 prize pool! So what’s exactly is this event about? Check out the info below.

What is the PUBG M Streamers Battle 2020?

At SEAGM we believe the community of gamers is a big contributing factor to businesses like us. To give back to the community, we will be giving out sponsorship as well to the top ten winners of this competition on top of cash prizes. Streaming is pretty common now and whilst the market is saturated, we believe there a select few who stands out. These are the individuals that we want to help propel further in their streaming career.

In this year’s PUBG M Streamers Battle 2020, we’ll be pitching streamers against each other. How? By measuring their stream views and reach! Think you’ve got what it takes to prove yourself? If you’re from the Bangladesh PUBG M Community, definitely go sign up!

Of course, to make things fair, we have separate category for each level of streamers based on their existing followers/subscribers.

Winners will be walking away with cash prizes and a sponsorship deal from organizers and sponsors.

Featured streamers

To make the battle more interesting, we’ve invited seven featured streamers to participate as well! They are:

  • AbdullahWins Gaming
  • Cyclops GM
  • Tanvir Gaming
  • RBN Gaming
  • Mr. Snake
  • Arpon Plays YT
  • Timeburner Gaming

If you’re interested and think you’ve got what it takes to become a streamer with a sponsor, sign up will begin today, April 15, 2020. You can sign up via the PUBG MCBD Facebook group!

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