Mobile Legends 1.4.94 New Patch Notes – Project NEXT Miya, Alucard Revamps

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Mobile Legends 1.4.94 New Patch Notes have been published and rolled out, and it’s a huge one. With multiple system, hero, and battlefield adjustments, the Mobile Legends 1.4.94 patch certainly welcomes huge quality of life improvements alongside hero balancing. Here’s the most notable changes patch 1.4.94 brings.

Upcoming Hero

Firstly, a new hero. On August 6, a new Legend will enter the roster. Khaleed is a “swift and dauntless fighter who battles with the help of the Desert Power”. His four skills are:

  • Skill 1: [Desert Tornado] – Khaleed shoots sand knives, dealing damage to nearby enemies. Upon hitting the enemy, he leaps one time in the movement direction and casts this skill again for a maximum of 3 times.
  • Skill 2. [Quicksand Guard] – Khaleed protects himself with the power of quicksand restoring HP and Desert Power and reducing damage taken. Meanwhile, quicksand appears under his feet, slowing nearby enemies.
  • Ultimate: [Raging Sandstorm] – Khaleed summons a sandstorm and rushes toward a designated place, gaining Control Immunity, dealing damage to enemies on the path and constantly pushing them. Upon arriving at the destination, Khaleed shakes the ground, dealing great damage to enemies within the range and stunning them.
  • Passive: [Sand Walk] – Khaleed accumulates Desert Power while moving. After Desert Power is fully charged, Khaleed will slide on sand, increasing Movement Speed and enhancing his next Basic Attack. With the enhanced Basic Attack, Khaleed dashes to the target and raises a wave of surging sand, dealing damage to the target and enemies behind and subsequently leaving a pool of sand. Khaleed gains Movement Speed on the sand pool while his enemies are slowed on it.

Heroes Buffs/Nerfs list

The following list is a brief overview of the Buffs and Nerfs Mobile Legends 1.4.94 Patch Notes state. Are your favorite heroes affected?



  • Rhapsody – NERFED
  • Rondo – BUFFED
  • Death Sonata – ADJUSTED


  • Energy Transformation – NERFED
  • Maximum Charge – NERFED


  • Art of Thievery – NERFED


  • Tyrant’s Revenge – BUFFED
  • Bouncing Ball – NERFED


  • Wild Power -BUFFED
  • Thunderclap – BUFFED

Yu Zhong

  • Cursing Touch – NERFED


  • Frostmoon Shield – NERFED

Yi Sun-Shin

  • Heavenly Vow – ADJUSTED


  • Searing Torrent – NERFED


  • Windblow – BUFFED
  • Windstorm – BUFFED


  • Planets Attacked – BUFFED
  • Stardust Shock – BUFFED


  • Rotary Impact – BUFFED
  • Force Swing – ADJUSTED
  • Spear of Alpha – BUFFED


  • Ring of Order – ADJUSTED
  • Wrath Sanction – ADJUSTED
  • Divine Judgement – NERFED


  • Blast Iron Fist – BUFFED
  • Steel Bones – BUFFED


  • Cyclone Sweep – ADJUSTED
  • Lethal Counter – BUFFED


  • Power of Wildness – BUFFED


If you’re rocking a high-end flagship smartphone and ever encountered hiccups in Imperial Sanctuary, fret not! To clarify, map performance for Imperial Sanctuary is now increased for Ultra graphics settings. Moreover, some have speculated that the patch reduces the require RAM usage.

In another note, many heroes now have optimized and update primary/secondary roles, allowing for more accurate and effective team composition. Updated heroes now include:

  • Alice: New Secondary Role – Tank
  • Kadita: New Secondary Role – Assassin
  • Masha: Removed Secondary Role – Tank
  • Karina, Gusion, Guinevere, Silvanna: Removed Secondary Role – Mage; New Label – Magic Damage
  • Lolita: Primary Role and Secondary Role swapped – Support/Tank

Side lane minions now have buffed walking speed. Little Crabs now spawn at the 40 second mark. Additionally, Red Buff has a weakened damage increase due to less reliance on physical attack stat. Walkie Grass also has reduced HP Restoration rate for allied heroes from 2% to 1%.

Another key point is that Items are also getting some changes applied to them. Raptor Machete is nerfed to dealing Physical Damage instead of True Damage. Blade of the Heptaseas is pseudo-buffed with Attack increase, but has its Physical Attack Bonus reduced from 100% to 60%. This makes it a less viable late game item. Blade of Despair’s physical attack is lowered by ten points.

Profanity in public lobbies will have stricter supervision and harsher punishments. In other words, cultivating a healthier gaming environment. Is your hero affected? Meanwhile, check this video for a full, comprehensive list of changes.


King of Fighters is making a return! Players will get a guaranteed Leona Epic Skin after ten draws. Additionally, a subsequent ten draws will guarantee the player more epic skins. However, the event will only last 30 days, so be sure to get grinding.

Project NEXT Updates

For everyone keeping an eye on Project NEXT, the official Mobile Legends YouTube channel recently dropped a new trailer. In short, the next heroes getting a revamp are Miya and Alucard.

That’s all for this hefty patch list! In conclusion, it’s a huge one, if not the biggest one to date. Take your time to study them to gain the competitive advantage. Also most importantly, have fun!

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