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Watch Dogs Legion plot
ames main themes of military oppression and “greatness can come from anywhere”

UbiForward headliner Watch Dogs Legion showcases gameplay, cinematics, plot, and more.

Watch Dogs Legion gameplay became the highlight of UbiForward, kicking off the presentation. Taking place in a near-future London, players assume control of “The Resistance”. An epic cinematic trailer showcases buzzing London life under an oppressive military, and how The Resistance fights against it. In Watch Dogs Legion, you’re not limited to controlling just one character, as anyone in it’s open world is subject to recruitment. Not everyone is inherently a hero; but they all have the potential to be one.

After the events of a terrorist attack, London entrusted the safety of its city to private military force Albion. The definition of “safety” is greatly warped however, as Albion CEO, Nigel Cass, resorts to brutality and other extreme measures to ensure crime is non-existent.

Nigel Cass isn’t the only antagonist in the game however. The Resistance will also encounter friction from Mary Kelly, head of London’s infamously notorious crime syndicate. The crimes committed by her syndicate range from drug pushing to human trafficking, and it’s up to the player to stop her.

Gameplay and Mechanics Showcase

UbiForward also took the time to showcase gameplay in a mission. The objective is to break into Albion Headquarters situated in the Tower of London. As aforementioned, any character recruited into The Resistance can be chosen for the mission. While all the characters can hack into machinery and public infrastructure ala typical Watch Dogs fashion, each character is equipped with a unique set of skills and tools and has a different optimal approach for the mission. Characters have a unique array of weapons that they can use. Some may use generic firearms, while others may use construction-grade nail guns. In the screenshot below, we see a character using bees to cripple an Albion enforcer. 

Watch Dogs Legion Gameplay
“Guess you can say that move was ‘the bees knees!’” -DashieGames on YouTube.

Aside from the hacking aspect, there is also a highlight on movement. Parkour your way towards the objective by vaulting obstacles and climbing walls. Transit smoothly between areas by hijacking transport drones and escape enemy sight. Engage in close-quarters melee combat when conserving ammo or making a stealth takedown.


Watch Dogs Legion releases on October 29 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Stadia. It will also be available for the next generation PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Xbox Series X will be supporting smart delivery. Owners of the game on Xbox One will get a free upgrade on their Series X console, which also supports cross-save. No news on free upgrades for PlayStation as of yet.

Watch Dogs Legion release date

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