MLBB Guide – How to use Brody?

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Recently there was a leak regarding a new hero that will be joining the roster of Mobile Legends. Let’s take a look at his skillset and tips on how to use Brody, who was previously named Brody. The Darknight Lone Star will very likely be joining after Khaleed, the Desert Scimitar.

Who is Brody?

There’s a long story behind the origin of his power and it has a lot to do with demons on top of a massacre. But the TL;DR version is, Brody got corrupted while fighting demons from the abyss. This ultimately led to the destruction of his homeland. He pretty much had to off everyone since they became corrupted, too.

After passing out from the pain consuming him, Benedetta the Shadow Ranger saved him. Now having settled into his new home, Brody vows to protect everyone here to atone for his past.

how to use brody
brodProtti, the latest addition to the Marksman roster.
Image Source: VY Gaming on YouTube

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Brody skill set tips

The key to dominating as Brody is utilizing your slow but super strong basic attack. This helps with your Passive building and ties in perfectly with your ultimate.

Abyss Corrosion (Passive)

Brody has longer channeling time and lower Attack Speed bonus but each basic attack deals 200% more Physical Damage. It also slows the enemy by 25% for 0.8s while inflicting 1 stack of Abyss Mark. This is capped at 5 stacks. Each stack increases Protti’s Critical Chance against marked targets by 10%. If he gets a critical attack off, he gains a 25% movement speed for 0.8s.

He starts off with a low speed stat, but he can increase it by landing a critical. So try to land one stack by using his first skill, Abyss Impact, then follow up with basic attack for that 10% increased critical chance.

Abyss Impact

Brody’s first skill is a straight line attack that pierces through multiple targets. Each following enemy will receive increased 25% damage and one Abyss Mark each. The cap is 200% damage and 5 stacks so basically hitting all 5 enemies.

brody mlbb
Protti’s first skill is a linear AoE blast.
Image source: YV Gaming on YouTube

Start the fight with this skill as it helps you gain one Abyss Mark quickly. This will then trigger the 20% bonus from your passive while slowing down the enemy.

Corrosive Strike

The second active skill Brody has is a mobility skill. It lets him dash to an enemy to apply one Abyss Mark stack before dashing away. Corrosive Strike will also deal 70% of Brody physical attack to the target and stuns them.

In terms of maximizing his skill kit, you can use Corrosive Strike followed by Abyss Impact to immediately gain two Abyss Mark stacks. That also will give Brody a 20% crit chance bonus from his passive. However, bear in mind that as a marksman you’ll be very damage-prone, so don’t jump head in unless you’re sure it’s a 1 v 1 or your power level is higher than the opponent in terms of itemization and hero level.

how to use brody skill
His second skill allows for extreme mobility; a quick dash-in followed by an immediate follow-up dash in any direction
Image Source: Elgin

Torn-Apart Memory

A very strong ultimate that auto locks on all the targets within 7 yard, dealing 300 physical damage(+80% extra physical attack) to the enemy. If the target has Abyss Mark, all the marks will detonate and deal 200 (+50% extra physical attack) plus 8% of the target’s lost HP for each stack.

brody ultimate
Marked for Death: His Ult targets multiple enemies, and deals higher damage depending on how many Marks they have on them.
Image Source: Elgin on YouTube

Looking at how his ultimate is taking into the calculation for lost health, to maximize the damage you want to do this combo:

Corrosive Strike > Abyss Impact > Basic Attack x3 (if you can) > Torn-Apart Memory

This combo will let you maximize damage output if you’re going head to head in a lane. However, in a team fight, you mostly have the chance to just combo with Abyss Impact > Torn-Apart Memory. Gauge the situation before using Corrosive Strike or you might end up dead even before the fight begins.

A recap on how to use Brody

  • Always be stacking marks!
  • Give your passive a boost by using Abyss Impact or Corrosive Strike.
  • Only use Corrosive Strike offensively when you’re confident you won’t get popped.
  • Use Corrosive Strike’s stun to initiate your combo if fighting 1 v 1 in laning phase.
  • If enemies are out of range you can use Corrosive Strike to gap close for detonating Torn-Apart Memory.

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