Amazon Gift Cards are now available to purchase on SEAGM

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If you’re already familiar with what SEAGM is all about, then you’ll know that we’re always bringing in new products to offer all of you. This time around, we’re glad to announce that we have Amazon Gift Cards in stock! What are Amazon Gift Cards? Read on to find out.


Considered as one of the world’s four biggest companies (alongside Google, Apple and Facebook), Amazon is an American multinational technology company that’s based in Seattle. While that may seem pretty vague for an explanation, Amazon focuses on cloud computing, digital streaming, and mainly e-commerce, which is what it’s known for the most (

About Amazon Gift Cards

Sometimes, picking a gift for a loved one (or in general for that matter) can be a daunting task, especially with the amount of products available when it comes to online shopping. Gift Cards are the perfect way to give loved ones exactly what they’re hoping for,  even if you don’t know what it is that they desire. Recipients can choose from millions of items on Best of all, Amazon Gift Card stored values never expire, so they can buy something immediately or wait for that sale of a lifetime.

SEAGM offers Amazon Gift Cards in multiple variations:

How to Redeem an Amazon Gift Card?

  1. Login into your Amazon Account.
  2. Click “Apply a Gift Card to Your Account”.
  3. Enter your claim code and click “Apply to Your Account”.
  4. Enjoy!

Now that you know, head on to SEAGM right now and check them out! By the way, as a side note, we all know Amazon’s known for leaking stuff time to time, but did you know that they leaked Spyro Remaster last year? It’s an interesting read that even gave away the price!

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