MLBB Guide – How to use Khaleed?

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The Desert Scimitar Khaleed is coming to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang next week. Let’s find out how to use Khaleed in this quick guide.

Who is Khaleed?

As far as we know, he is the Desert Scimitar with the power to command sand. He excels in the fighter role with specialty in damage and regen. Khaleed is good at dealing damage over time and roaming. Here’s how you can maximize his skill set.


Khaleed skill set tips

When you play as Khaleed, bear in mind that your power comes in roaming. Typically, as a fighter, Khaleed would go top lane. So try to push out your lane and then help gank mid lane if you can coordinate with your mid laner. At any rate, if you’re laning, go with the usual Flicker.

Sand Walk (Passive)

Khaleed accumalates Desert Power while moving. Once this is fully charge, he’s empowered in THREE ways. -Enhanced attack with mini dash -Increased movement speed -Piercing line attack The sand puddle left behind by his enhanced attack (if there’s more than one enemy) also increase his move speed and slows down enemy. The mini dash is a perfect gap closer and this passive alone makes him really strong for ganking/roaming.

Desert Tornado

Khaleed spins his scimitar and deal damage to nearby enemy. If there’s another enemy nearby, he will leap onto them and auto cast the skill again. The max target is three with each target increasing his damage which means the final and third target will receive the most damage. His first skill is great of chaining attacks to combo with his ultimate after landing the cc. Alternatively, you can use this skill to gap closer and leap onto the enemy’s backline to take out their carry. This is super effective since the final target receives the most damage.

Quicksand Guard

The second skill in his toolkit gives him increase defense while regenerating HP. Use this skill when you’re in a pinch and need to buy time for your team to catch up. For example, if you’re being gank and the enemy is very likely to kill you, quickly pop Quicksand Guard to increase your durability. This few seconds you buy and survive can be a big difference in form of back up or even using it to turn the tide of battle. Use Quicksand Guard defensively. When low on HP and say, being targeted by Leslie’s ultimate, you will definitely survive if you pop this. Granted of course, you’re not super under level and the carry isn’t super fed 😉

Raging Sandstorm

Summoning a sandstorm, Khaleed rides on top to a designated location and deal damage plus stun enemy upon landing. The ultimate is perfect for initiating fight if you’re trying to breach the front line and catch the back line carry. To combo, initiate with Raging Sandstorm to deal AOE damage plus stun the enemy team. After that, finish them off with Desert Tornado. Having an AOE stun like this makes Khaleed really strong at catching out enemy. The perfect time to use it is if you see two or more enemies standing close together. Also, you can pass through walls with this skill making it perfect for ganking, initiating and even running away from a losing battle to survive.

A recap on how to use Khaleed

-Move around in lane to build power for your passive.
-Once you have enough, initiate and harass the enemy with the gap closer plus enhanced attack.
-Build slightly tanky (bruiser, basically) since you need to initiate, don’t dive in and get popped instantly.
-When chasing down carries use Desert Tornado to gap close multiple targets.
-Assassinate side lanes with Raging Sandstorm through walls
-they’ll never see it coming. For more detail on his skills, you can read the patch note here and watch his hero spotlight here.

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