Mico Chat & Kitty Live Stream promotion to keep you “socialized” during COVID19

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For those looking to jump straight into it, just click MICO or Kitty and and meet the rest of the world with Mico Chat and Kitty Live Stream. BUT HOLD ON, before that, you’ve got to know what this promotion is about right?

With the whole Covid 19 situation, everyone is supposed to stay home. But that doesn’t mean you have to stop socialising! So, here’s a Mico Chat & Kitty Live Stream promotion o keep you “socialized” during COVID19. As usual, we’ve got something special. What is it? Check it out below.

What is MICO Chat?

MICO is one of  the most powerful and popular social chat apps that lets you chat instantly with new people nearby or around the world. It keeps your social chat experience safe, easy and fun.

What’s more interesting is that MICO is also a live streaming platform with REAL-TIME translation. Language barriers, no more! Users will be able to meet a ton of new people, make new friends, and who knows? You might even meet your soulmate. The possibilities are endless.

If that tickles your fancy, then it’s all good news from here on, because SEAGM is now having a special promo for MICO! But that’s not the only promo…

What is Kitty Live Stream?

Kitty is also an app that serves as a platform for broadcasting and watching live streaming videos. A cool and fashionable space with HD video chat. Pretty girls, cute boys, sexy dances, pop music, trending topics, entertainment gossip… It’s all here!

With this SEAGM and MICO collaboration, of course we have something special for you. 5% additional coins for all MICO and Kitty products on SEAGM.com. On top of that, the Top 10 spenders for both products will be rewarded with more call credit!

So in a nutshell, here’s a summary of the offer:

  • Additional 5% Coins on both Mico and Kitty products on SEAGM.
  • Top 10 spenders for both products (accumulated) within the promotional period will be rewarded with Call Credit.

Top Spender: RM300 credit
2nd: RM200 credit
3rd: RM100 credit
4th – 6th: RM80 credit per customer
7th – 10th: RM50 credit per customer

Terms & Conditions

  1. To enjoy the promotion, users must have a SEAGM account (It’s free!)
  2. The promotion will begin March 25th (10AM GMT +8) until April 1st 2020 (10AM GMT +8)
  3. Winners will be announced on April 3, 2020
  4. Valid only for MALAYSIAN telcos.
  5. Reward crediting will be handled by MICO directly.

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