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In the age of constant connectivity, our smartphones have become our trusted companions, keeping us informed, entertained, and connected. But what if we told you that you could take your mobile experience to a whole new level with VIU’s subscription bundle?

It’s your passport to asian entertainment bliss, grab your popcorn, sit back and relax 🍿

Asian Content Powerhouse


VIU boasts an extensive library of Asian content, from K-dramas to variety shows to anime and more. It’s your gateway to the latest and greatest in Asian entertainment. Say goodbye to your frustration towards unstable internet connection, especially during rainy seasons. Ugh! Our fellow Malaysians can relate. No worries, VIU Premium lets you download your favorite shows and movies to watch offline. It’s the perfect travel companion as well. 


Share the Love with VIU's Telco Bundle

Getting your hands on this premium deal is a breeze. Look for the VIU Telco Bundle promotion and follow the redemption instructions and enjoy your 7-day premium subscription trial to VIU.

The best part? You can share the love with friends and family. If you’re already a VIU Premium subscriber, you can gift your 7-day premium subscription trial to someone else. It’s a fantastic way to introduce your loved ones to the world of Asian entertainment.

So, whether you’re watching on your daily commute, taking a break during lunch, or simply relaxing at home, VIU’s Telco Bundle will turn your mobile device into a gateway to premium Asian entertainment. It’s your ticket to captivating stories, gripping dramas, and endless entertainment.


VIU 7-day premium subscription code

Terms & Conditions:

  1. The campaign period begins on October 26, 2023 (12:00 GMT +8) and will end on November 15, 2023 (00:00 GMT +8).
  2. This free code is eligible for these selected telco prepaid denominations at SEAGM as mentioned:
    a. Celcom Xpax Airtime Reload (MY)
    b. Maxis Hotlink Prepaid Reload (MY)
    c. U Mobile Prepaid Reload (MY)
    d. DiGi Beyond Prepaid Reload (MY)
    e. TuneTalk Prepaid Reload (MY)
    f. RedOne Reload Prepaid Reload (MY)
  3. User is limited to claim the free code ONCE (1) only upon purchases on the telco prepaid mentioned
  4. Each of the code is eligible for 1 time use only.
  5. The free code will be immediately implemented into your order at SEAGM.
  6. SEAGM reserves the right to make further changes to the terms without prior notice if necessary.
  7. SEAGM shall not be liable for any losses or damages which occur during the code redemption /claim process.

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