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by Sammy Chan
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Our second event in Genshin Impact is here! We’ll show you the Marvelous Merchandise Merchant location throughout the week. This guide will also feature a list of reward and material requirement for submission.

Here are some important information regarding the event before you begin:

  • To join, you need to be Adventure Rank 12 or above
  • There are a total of SEVEN boxes to claim during this event
  • Each box can only be obtained once
  • Redeem the boxes during event duration, they will be gone after

Day One – Mondstadt

The merchant is standing opposite Flora in Mondstadt. If you’re coming in from the main entrance, just take a right turn. Liben is easy to spot with that purple outfit and a pompadour.

In order to receive a gift exchange, you need to hand in items to trade. Here is the item requirement for day one: 10 Mushrooms.

From picking the Pyro Slime Giftxbox, these are my rewards:

  • Mystic Enhancement Ore x8
  • Primogem x30
  • Mora x20000

Day Two – Springvale

Take the Springvale teleport by the road and walk straight towards the windmill. Then, take two short flight of stairs to your right and you’ll reach Draff the Hunter’s house. The Merchant is standing in front of the house next to him.

To get day two’s reward, you will need to hand over these: 10 Pinecone.

From picking the Geo Slime Giftxbox, these are my rewards:

  • “Freedom” Talent Book x3
  • “Resistance” Talent Book x3
  • “Ballad” Talent Book x3
  • Primogem x30

Day Three – Dawn Winery

Teleport over to Dawn Winery via the Statue of the Seven. The merchant is standing in one of the corner by the mansion, next to Ernest.

To redeem day three’s reward, you will need to hand over these: 10 Berries.

From picking the Hydro Slime Giftxbox, these are my rewards:

  • Mora x40000
  • Primogem x30

Day Four – Stone Gate

Head over to Stone Gate then take a right turn. This will lead you down a flight of stairs to a deck to Pop Zhou’s Tea stall. The merchant is there.

The item you need to hand over for day four’s marvel is: 10 Sunsettia.

These are my rewards for picking the Electro Slime Box today:

  • Fine Enhancement Ore x6
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore x6
  • Primogem x30

Day Five – Wangshu Inn

The merchant is easy to spot for today. Teleport to Wangshu Inn then jump down. He is standing at the lower deck of the inn, next to a rack of wine.

Today he’ll need these item in exchange for a marvel: 10 Apple.

These are my rewards for picking the Anemo Slime Box today:

  • “Prosperity” Talent Book x3
  • “Diligence” Talent Book x3
  • “God” Talent Book x3
  • Primogem x30

Day Six – Statue of the Seven @ North of Liyue

There’s only one Statue of the Seven north of Liyue so it’s pretty easy to spot. Head over there then turn around, on your left side, there should be a cliff side inn. Walk up the small flight of wooden stairs and you’l see the merchant.

For today’s marvel, you’ll need to give Liben these: 10 Carrot.

These are my rewards for picking the Cryo Slime Box today:

  • Adventurer’s Experience x3
  • Hero’s Wit x3
  • Primogem x30

Day Seven – Liyue Harbor

There are two teleport points in Liyue – take the one in the north. Once you get there, turn around and jump down, over the railing. The merchant is standing right below.

To get the marvel for the final day, just hand over: 10 Radish.

These are my rewards for picking the Dendro Slime Box today:

  • Hero’s Wit x3
  • Primogem x30
  • Mora x20000

That’s the end of the event! Compared to the previous event, this was significantly better in terms of reward. 1.1 is coming up in a week or so, stay tuned for more Genshin Impact content!

Meanwhile, you can check out our other Genshin Impact guides here. Trying to get Klee? Get Primogems from SEAGM!

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