How to defeat Stormterror in Genshin Impact?

by Sammy Chan
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In this guide we will focus on how to defeat Stormterror in Genshin Impact. The fight against Stormterror is one that we all went through during the progression of our Archon quest. The fight seems hard but that’s all there is to it. As always, we will cover recommended elements, boss mechanics and phases.

Stormterror’s Lair is made available to you via progressing your Archon Quest (main quest) at Adventure Rank 16. You could always check out our Adventure Rank leveling guide if you’re having a hard time getting there.

Recommended team

My team has Fischl, Keqing, Barbara and Kaeya.

You don’t have to follow my team comp, of course. The most important thing is having a DPS, two support and one healer. For a real F2P team, you can bring the Traveler in Anemo as DPS if they’re built. For support, bring Xiangling and Fischl. Both Noelle and Barbara can be your healer.

Other F2P characters that are great for this includes Kaeya and Lisa. If you have a strong Fischl, Kaeya can help trigger Superconduct. Superconduct is easily one of the best debuff in game as it lowers the enemy’s Physical Resistance by 40%.

If you have any 5 star character, any of them is good. Just follow the rule of one DPS, two support and one healer. I like Barbara as my healer specifically because of the catalyst, Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers. That 48% ATK up is how you make your DPS a damage beast.

How to defeat Stormterror

Unlike the fight in the Archon Quest, there’s no shooter-plane mode for this weekly fight. Since he only switches between attack mode and armor break mode, we’ll be talking about the types of attack Stormterror does. We’ll show you how to spot them and then avoid getting hit.

The concept of how to defeat Stormterror is simple – break his armor then break his neck.

If you check out our video here you can have a visual reference. Most of these attack are his basic ones with the exception of Meteor Strike.

Stormterror will only summon Meteor Strike when he’s low on HP. However, if you hit him hard enough and kill him quickly, you can skip this phase altogether.

Let’s into the type of attacks he does and how to identify he’s going to do them.

Dive Attack

Stormterror dashes across the center of a platform and deals damage to anyone in his path.

Avoid it by staying off to the side.

Identifier: A wind current will appear to flow through the center of the arena before the dive happens.

Slam Attack + Beam

Stormterror slams down on the arena with his claws. He will look at either left or right and shoot beam from one side to the other.

Go to the opposite side of where he’s looking at and focus on breaking his armor by hitting his claws. The slam won’t hurt you so you can get there early to maximize DPS up time.

Identifier: Flies backward slightly with his head out of frame, then slamming down with both claws.

Bite Attack

Stormterror chooses on side of the platform to snap at, leaving himself vulnerable for a few second.

You can use this moment to beat up his face and chunk away some of that armor bar IF you successfully dodge the bite by dashing at the right time. You could also stay in the middle of the platform to not trigger this. There is a chance however, that you’ll get hit by the Dive Attack.

Identifier: He will rear his whole body away from the platform then move his head side to side (like a disapproving parent).

Homing Mini Orbs

He will shoot two sets of two energy orbs at player’s last location.

Avoid getting hit by timing a dash to iframe just before they land. If you’re playing on high ping, you can just bait it on one spot, then dash to the side.

Identifier: When he starts swaying left and right, he’s preparing to shoot two sets of these at you. They will zero in to the last snapshot of your position.

Meteor Shower

Dvalin calls down a Meteor Shower to break the platform, dealing damage overtime to anyone standing on it. The trigger for this attack is getting him past the 50% HP mark.

Once this happen, immediately switch platform to one that isn’t breaking. The damage over time hurts big time if you stay on it.

Identifier: This is a short cinematic so it’s pretty obvious. The camera zooms in on him while he rears back and roar.


For the last two attack I don’t have screenshots nor are they in the video. I killed him too fast :c

Big Orb

Dvalin charges up and shoot one giant orb at the middle of the platform.

You can either iframe dash it when it lands or just go to the very edge of the platform to avoid the damage. Alternatively, flying up with the wind current helps too.

Identifier: The Big Orb attack is easy to identify as he flies pretty far away from the platform. You can visibly see him charging up energy in his mouth.

Meteor Strike

Once he gets to low health, Stormterror will summon Meteor Strike.

Dodge these accordingly by avoiding the telegraphed circles appearing on the platform. You could also kill him really fast to avoid this altogether. This is basically a form of DPS check. Reaching this point means your DPS is low and the fight becomes really hard. Either go upgrade or dodge like hell.

Identifier: Upon reaching low HP, he will fly around the arena and summoning circles will appear in mid air.

Every time you manage to break his armor he will fall down onto the platform. Climb up his back and DPS the seal. We suggest using normal or avoid using displacement skills. This might cause you to fall off and reduce the amount of time you get to DPS.


Now that you know how to defeat Stormterror, we have a guide for Lupus Boreas here as well! As another weekly boss, obtaining his loots also require 60 resins. He resets weekly on Monday @ 4AM.

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