Kpop is back on Spotify! Listen to Epik High, SEVENTEEN and many more now!

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A week ago, Kpop fans took the internet by storm after a dispute between distributors Kakao M and Spotify caused tracks and entire discographies removed from their Spotify profiles. Today, the affect Kpop tracks are back on Spotify thanks to cooperation between Kakao Entertainment and Spotify. 

What happened?

In short, it was due to a contract expiration between Spotify and Kakao M. With that happening, Kpop songs were no longer available on the Swedish music platform. Several artists such as Seventeen, IU, Moon Byul, Epik High, MAMAMOO and more have had tracks, if not entire discographies removed from their Spotify profile. 

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A new agreement = Kpop back on Spotify

The uproar from social media fans and the label’s artists led to both Spotify and Kakao M signing a new agreement. which reinstates Kpop back into Spotify. It is worth noting that Kakao M has changed its name. After a merge with KakaoPage, it is now known as Kakao Entertainment. 

According to a source, Spotify’s states that:

“The music of Kakao Entertainment artists will be available on Spotify once again for their global fans and for the over 345 million Spotify listeners in 170 countries around the world. As it is Spotify’s mission to connect artists to fans all over the world and to showcase music from around the world to our users, we are happy to be able to reach Korean listeners with not only these tracks but also with our library of over 70 million tracks and over 4 billion playlists. 

We remain committed to actively working toward negotiations with artists, labels, and rights holders in order to have a positive impact on the Korean streaming system.”

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Spotify users moving to Youtube Premium

With that in mind, there were a number of people who leapt onto YouTube Premium to satisfy their needs. Among the reasons were to more efficiently contribute views as well as generate royalties for their favorite artists. If you’re still iffy on sticking to Spotify, and want to move on to Youtube Premium, here’s how you can:

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