What We Can Expect in the Mobile Legends 1.5.62 Patch Update

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Season 19 is coming to an end soon, and a new patch is coming to welcome Season 20. MLBB Patch 1.5.62 is expected to arrive March 19th, but no official date has been provided from Moonton yet. Some sources speculate that the patch will drop March 16th to match the arrival of the limited time survival mode, Lethal Nexus.

MLBB Patch 1.5.62 Brings New Hero Beatrix

Beatrix is a new Marksman joining the ever-expanding hero roster of Mobile Legends. She sports a short haircut and carries an arsenal of rocket launchers for a nasty offense. She will also be getting a skin “X-factor” which will cost 188 Diamonds alongside her release this March 19th.

Huge Nerfs to A Broken Meta – Brody Nerf

Patch 1.5.62 will also see a significant shift in the meta. For the longest while Brody has been able to deal unreal amounts of physical attack damage with a single item.

Other heroes getting nerfed in the 1.5.62 update:

  • Silvana – Shield Decrease, Ultimate Cooldown Increase
  • Esmerelda – Shield Absorption Decrease, Ultimate Immobilize Decrease
  • Yi Sun Shin – Damage Decrease, Ultimate Nerf
  • Benedetta – Skill 1 Cooldown Increase
  • Wanwan – Damage Decrease

MLBB Patch 1.5.62 New Skins

As always, we’re expecting the store to refresh with a lineup of new skins for us to spend our Diamonds on. Additionally, the Seasonal Skin, Akai – Street Enforcer, should also release around this time for players that reach Master rank and above. Here are the expected skins to come out with MLBB Patch 1.5.62:

  • Beatrix Dawnbreak Soldier
  • Beatrix X Factor
  • Akai Street Enforcer
  • Saber Silver Edge (Basic)
  • Hilda Aries (Zodiac Event)
  • Chang’e Vine Cradle (Epic)
  • Angela Floral Elf (Epic)

Battlefield Adjustments

There will be some changes made to the battlefield.

For the Outer Turret, when the turret shield is protecting, the nearby allied heroes take lesser damage. For Turrets and Base, the damage bonus on the same target increased.

Walkie Grass is making a return. Additionally the allied Lithowanderer can provide more protection to the mid lane.

In terms of Equipment, Queen’s Wing, Immortality, Clock of Destiny, and Jungle Equipment are undergoing changes.

Queen’s Wings: Physical Attack increase, HP reduced. Demonize passive nerf.
Immortality: Effect boosted, but CD increased.
Clock of Destiny: Attribute growth becomes more stable.
JG Equipment: Bonus Gold from Jungle Creeps increase. Early game Gold/EXP further reduced from early game minions.

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