How to Save MORE on Cheap Nintendo Switch Online – No Family Plan Required!

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Nintendo Switch Online (NSO) is Nintendo’s answer to Microsoft and PlayStation’s online subscription services. It unlocks online multiplayer features in most games and also grants online save cloud storage. It retails at US$8 for a three-month subscription, and US$20 for a 12-month subscription. SEAGM sells membership codes at below retail prices so you never have to pay full price.

A common way people save on NSO is to purchase a US$35 Family Plan membership to split costs among members. However, it can be a difficult task to find family and friends to partake in the plan. Resorting to online shopping platforms to join in a stranger’s family plan can also cause a bit of uneasiness as trust has not been established. Waiting for queues of eight members to fill up, depositing payment first, and never knowing if you’re going to be kicked out can induce a bit of anxiety.

nintendo switch online cheap

Therefore, here are two methods on how you can purchase Nintendo Switch Online without relying on the Family Plan. The first is recommended as you save more with the limited time MAR10 day sale. The second is applicable all year round, so if you’ve missed SEAGM’s Mario Day Sale, you can opt for this method instead.

Bear in mind that Nintendo Gift Codes are region specific. Only purchase codes that match your account region. The guides below use US codes, but the same step-by-step applies for every other region.

Method 1: Use Mario Day Sale Gift Cards

This method saves you a dollar by purchasing cheap eShop gift cards from SEAGM’s Mario Day Sale. You can purchase and add US$20 to your account for US$19 (tax not included). Additionally, if you were to be the one to start a family plan, you can purchase a US$35 denomination for US$32.80.

Once again, bear in mind that Nintendo products sold on SEAGM are region specific. We sell codes for every region, so ensure you have selected the appropriate product before checking out.

Once you do, your gift card code can be found in your “My Cards” tab under your account category (next to the flag). Input the code into your Nintendo Switch eShop menu to add funds, and proceed to purchase Nintendo Switch Online.

Method 2: Purchase Direct NSO Membership from SEAGM

In case you miss the Mario Day Sale, not to worry, as SEAGM sells Nintendo Switch Online membership below retail price as well. The only available membership options, however, are 3-month and 12-month single user memberships.

Step-by-step guide as below:

  1. Purchase Nintendo Switch Online 3 or 12 month subscription from SEAGM.
  2. Once you have made payment, you can obtain the 16-digit code from “My Cards” tab.
  3. The product alongside the 16-digit code should be listed. On the off-chance the code has not been delivered yet, don’t hesitate to contact the customer service support live chat.
  4. From your Nintendo Switch, go to the eShop menu and go to the Nintendo Switch Online tab.
  5. Click “Membership Options” and scroll all the way down to “Redeem Code”
  6. Input your 16-digit code and your membsership should be immediately activated! You can now enjoy the perks of Nintendo Switch Online.

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