How to claim Revoland BNB test token? – Part 3

by Sammy Chan
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If you have been following our Revoland beta test from the start, we’re at part 3 of the guide! Here’s how you can claim Revoland BNB test token to pay for GAS fee on your trial purchase.

How to claim BNB Test Token?

Check your FREE USDT

Beforehand, you can check if you have received the free USDT here:

1. Open the MetaMask Wallet from Google Chrome extension, click the option button, and then choose “View Account in Explorer.”

2. Click the “Token” dropdown options to view and check your free USDT.

Claim BNB Test Token 

1. First, open the MetaMask Wallet from Google Chrome or Firefox extension. Click the option button next, and then “Expand View.”

2. Then select Networks from the top right button, click the “Custom RPC” for Mac or “Add Network” for PC.

3. Add BSC-test network and configure the Binanace Smart Chain main network parameters as below: 

a. Main Chain: 

Network Name:BSC-Mainnet
New RPC URL: or any of the following:

Chain ID:56

Currency Symbol (optional):BNB

Block Explorer URL (optional):

b. Test Chain

Network Name:bsc-testnet

New RPC URL: or any of the following:

Chain ID:97

Currency Symbol (optional):BNB

Block Explorer URL (optional):

4. Copy your BSC-Test address

5. Proceed in claiming your BNB:

(1) Open the link:

(2) Next, paste your BSC-Test wallet address. Then click “0.2 BNBs” under the “Give me BNB” button. As a result, a green notification prompt will pop-up once it is successfully claimed.

Note that each IP address can only claim BNB once a day. In some situations, the capacity of the test chain may be full. Therefore, claiming will not be permitted. Moreover, you may try again later in the day or in a few hours.

More information on how to claim the free NFT.

Finally, you now have claimed your free NFT and BNB test token. You may use them to buy a Mystery Box on the NFT Test Marketplace. Here’s how you can use them:

1. Go to the NFT Test Marketplace.

2. Click on the “Revo Boxes” menu button. Choose from the three revo box options – Normal Hero Box, Rare Hero Box, and Epic Hero Box.

3. Determine the number of boxes you would like to purchase. Click the “Buy Now” button of the desired revo box.

4. Upon clicking the “Buy Now” button, this will direct you to your MetaMask Wallet to give permission to access your USDT and confirm the purchase.

5. Once the purchase is confirmed, you may access the revo box from your “My NFTs” menu on NFT Test Marketplace.

6. Click the revo box to open it and reveal the hero. It will then direct you to your MetaMask Wallet to confirm the GAS fee.

7. Upon confirmation, your hero will be revealed on the screen. You may find them in the “My NFTs” menu on NFT Test Marketplace.

Now, you’re all set to buy Mystery Box and use your heroes in the game – have fun!

For more information on how to navigate the Revoland beta test, check out the How to install Revoland? article.

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