How to play Revoland beta test? – Part 4

by Sammy Chan
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Welcome back to the Revoland beta test guide, in this article we will cover several topics. First, we will guide you on how to play Revoland beta test and then show you how to fill in the feedback form. After completing your test and filling in the form, you will receive another free NFT!

How to play Revoland beta test?

Revoland has six game modes and for this beta test, you will have to play 10 rounds of each mode. This will take you an estimated four hours. Let’s go!

  1. Click on the “Bag” button to choose a hero.

  2. Tap the “Hero” to choose from the heroes to your desired hero.
  3. Join the Reward Contest.
    (If you op for Solo Play, please skip to Step 7)
  4. You may add your squad to play together, via “Add Friend” option in chat section.
  5. Click “Add” in the chat section.
  6. Open friend list to approve friend application(s).
  7. To change the game mode, click on this button.
  8. Play 10 rounds of each game mode.–  Clock Tower
    –  Bounty Hunter (single player only)
    –  Altar Assault
    –  Fruit Bash
    –  Battle Square
    – Doodle Dash
  9. List the bugs in the feedback form below.

How to provide beta test feedback?

Head over to the form here.

The form contains four sections that you will need to fill in.

  1. In section one, just fill in your email address.
  2. For section two, this is regarding User Info. Here’s how to got those information:
  3. Section three is about Game Impression, it’s pretty straightforward, fill in base on your own preference.
  4. Section four will require you to do bug report, you can also upload screenshot and/or video clips of said bug.

Last but not least, as we promised above, a proper bug report will be rewarded with another free NFT!

For more information on how to navigate the Revoland beta test, check out the How to install Revoland? article.

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