How to join Revoland Beta Test? Join and get free NFT!

by Aly Damil
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Wondering how to join Revoland Beta Test? Let us help! Become one of the first 200 people to experience the newest MOBA game on the blockchain – Revoland. Here’s how you can participate and get yourself a free NFT.

Revoland is a MOBA game utilizing blockchain technology that will be launching this month.  200 testers will be given access to try the game for the first time. They will also be receiving exclusive NFT as well for their effort. There are six game modes to try and you will have to play ten games for each mode. Free $Land tokens will be airdropped that day.

How to join Revoland Beta Test?

  1. Download and install Revoland APK.
  2. Register for the Beta Test here.
  3. Register test game ID and Password here.

How to claim the free NFT?

  1. Set up MetaMask Wallet here.  (*Follow this tutorial if you’re unsure how to.)
  2. Fill up the form here and provide your MetaMask wallet address.
  3. Go to the NFT Marketplace (Test Marketplace) to buy NFT heroes. Play all 6 game modes 10 times.

You may download and register for this beta before May 17, 2022. Come play and experience the newest NFT game right now!

Distributions of the free NFT will be after May 17, 2022.

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