How to defeat Lupus Boreas in Genshin Impact?

by Sammy Chan
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In this guide we will focus on how to defeat Lupus Boreas in Genshin Impact! We will cover recommended elements to bring, boss mechanics and phases. Having no luck in gacha? You could always get some Primogems from SEAGM! But don’t worry, this guide will cover a F2P team setup as well!

You can unlock Lupus Boreas at Adventure Rank 21. If you have trouble getting there why not check out our how to level Adventure Rank fast in Genshin Impact guide here?

Recommended team

The most important thing to note is that you should bring Electro based character since the boss goes from Cryo to Anemo. My team consisted of Barbara, Keqing, Xiangling and Kaeya. If you’re on F2P you can still achieve this setup! Just replace Keqing with Lisa or Fischl. The Traveller in Geo form is viable as well.

Basically, Electro and Pyro are recommended.

As for Barbara, you get her when you reach Adventure Rank 20 for free. Xiangling is obtainable via completing Spiral Abyss Floor 3 Chamber 3. Finally, Kaeya and Lisa are both obtainable via story quest early on.

If you do bring Barbara, remember not to use your E during the first phase of you might get yourself Frozen.

Even though Hydro won’t do much for the boss, the only reason I brought Barbara was to trigger this ATK buff. Kaeya and Xiangling are there for Superconduct/Overload respectively. The Electro character should be your main DPS if you are as unfortunate as me to not get a Diluc.

Alternatively, if you have no luck with Electro character, you can try getting Razor from the shop under Paimon’s Bargain.

How to defeat Lupus Boreas

Now let’s talk about how to defeat Lupus Boreas. Most importantly, remember to eat and get food buffs before the fight!

  • Phase 1 – Cryo

During the first part of the fight Lupus Boreas will be in Cryo form. He does several type of attacks here. The most obvious one is when he drops an ice circle on the floor. You can dash out of it to avoid damage or if you want to maximize damage output, stay in the circle and keep hitting (if you’re Melee DPS).

Do note that you should be dashing to avoid being knock up into the air. You can dodge his attack that will. Damage will still be taken though but at the very least you can keep attacking without interruption if you time your dash correctly.

Once you’ve whittle his HP down to about 60%, he will begin his transition phase. Lupus Boreas will begin running around the outer circle. Just stand still in the middle and watch where he goes then dodge to the side accordingly.

  • Phase 2 – Anemo

After he dashes across the arena about three times, he will pick a location to stomp on and then transition. In his Anemo phase, stay close to him even if you’re a Range DPS. He will dish out lots of range attack if you stay far away and they all hit like a truck.

Use Pyro + Electro here once again to quickly melt his HP while staying close to his front paw.

Avoid the blue circles of dropping icicles forming at your feet. Just dash out of them circle. Also make sure you stay near his front paw or risk getting smack by his tail.

If you need a visual guide, check out our video here!

Lupus Boreas is a weekly boss fight and you should definitely do it for really great loot, especially purple grade artifacts. It will cost you 60 Resin to obtain the loots after defeating it. He resets weekly on Monday @ 4AM.

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