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Among Us is a two-year-old party game that has recently taken the internet by storm. With its quick to understand mechanics and focus on simple but effective communication, it’s no wonder big personalities like Disguised Toast, Valkyrae, PeterParkTV, and more are playing it on an almost daily basis. Here are the Among Us rules when using voice chat and settings that they use to ensure a fun, tactical time.

The Most Popular Among Us Rules

To get everyone up to speed, here’s how to play Among Us. The players are split into two groups; the crewmates and the imposters. Crewmates are given a number of tasks to complete in the form of minigames scattered throughout the ship, while imposters need to kill off all the crewmates without getting caught.

among us

Credit: Reddit user u/ChantalArt in r/AmongUs

The game ends and the Crewmates win when all the tasks have been completed. Conversely, Imposters win when there is an equal amount of Crewmates and Imposters.

A minimum of four people are required to start a game, and a maximum of ten players can play at once.

No matter how many players are in the lobby or what settings you use, there are typically the Among Us rules to follow:

  1. Discussions and talking are only allowed during meetings.
  2. Keep quiet or mute yourself during tasks, this includes when handling sabotages.
  3. Once you’re dead, do not speak throughout the entirety of the game.

Settings Disguised Toast and OfflineTV use in Among Us

The following settings are for ten players with two imposters in mind.

Bear in mind that these settings are only a recommendation and that you are free to tweak them to your squad’s enjoyment.

  • # Imposters: 2
  • Confirm Ejects: Off
  • # Emergency Meetings: 1
  • Emergency Cooldown: 20s
  • Discussion Time: 15s
  • Voting Time: 105s
  • Player Speed: 1x
  • Crewmate Vision: 0.5x
  • Imposter Vision: 1.5x
  • Kill Cooldown: 22.5s
  • Kill Distance: Short
  • Visual Tasks: Off
  • Number of Common Tasks: 2
  • # Long Tasks: 1
  • # Short Tasks: 5
among us settings

It took me forever to get that ping right

Confirm Ejects off is favorable to the imposters. Never knowing how many imposters there truly is at a given time gives way to more tense and in-depth meetings.

Vision creates tense situations, and in this situation is tweaked in favor of the imposter.

Visual Tasks: On is favorable to the crewmates. Tasks like asteroids, Medbay scan, and Garbage Dump all can give a rest-assured confirmation on the status of a crewmate.

Once again, these can be tweaked heavily to suit your squad’s enjoyment. As a matter of fact, Disguised Toast alongside the rest of OfflineTV had been playing with Confirm Ejects and Visual Tasks on up until a few days ago. You can also be creative and develop your own game mode, like hide-and-seek.

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