Fortnite Save the World free to play not happening

by Sammy Chan

Fortnite has grown so much in popularity this year thanks to its battle royale mode. Save the World, the PvE mode, hasn’t really experience the same type of growth. The fact that Fortnite Battle Royale is free to play but Save the World isn’t. This might be a big contributing factor to the huge player-base gap between the two. Last year during Early Access launch for Save the World, Epic Games stated that Fortnite Save the World free to play will release in 2018. However, earlier today they released a statement saying it’s not happening after all. Not in 2018, at least.

Why is it delayed?

In their official blog, the Fortnite Team explained that they are working on a broad set of things before Fortnite Save the World free to play can be a thing. These include new features, reworks, and a much-needed backend system scaling. With the number of players growing since its launch in 2017, they are scaling up for the legions of player heroes who will be joining the fight to provide an excellent experience. So they are taking some time to make sure they get this right. If you don’t want to wait and have a few bucks to spare, Epic Games added that the game is currently 50% off.
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New improvements?

Epic Games will begin implementing new improvements such as the front-end UI in the next few months. They will revamp several things to bring an even greater experience to Save the World. One of the first steps was bringing the inventory into the front-end earlier this year. Besides that, they are adding more polish and characters to the menu.

fortnite save the world free to play

Screengrab via Fortnite Blog

The Fortnite Team is also excited to announce their brand new Hero System. Players will have more loadout customizations. Previously, there were only three Hero slots but now you will have a total of six Hero slots. Once they’ve finalized this system, they promise to give more updates about it so that’s all we know for now.

What happens to your invested mats?

With a lot of upgrades and changes, some might be concerned about what will happen to their invested mats. The Fortnite Team is working on an investment refund feature for items that you have upgraded. They will flag the item that has been re-balanced and you may choose to de-level it if you wish. They will not automatically de-level your items randomly. That’s all the information they’ve given out for now. Stay tuned for some big changes coming to Save the World!

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