Developer leak upcoming Steam Halloween Sale 2018 date

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It’s nearing the end of 2018 and we have three more upcoming Steam Sale. Lucky for us, developers have leaked the what seems to be Steam Halloween Sale 2018 date. Alongside that, they also revealed the dates for the Autumn and Winter sale as well. Steam typically announce the dates ahead of time in private forum exclusive to developers. Twitter user @SkrSkrGVNG revealed the dates on his private Twitter, finding a loophole in Steam’s NDA. Anyways, here are the dates, with the first sale coming up being the Steam Halloween Sale.

Steam Halloween Sale 2018

This will start next week on Monday, October 29. It’ll begin at 1 PM ET (October 30, 1 AM GMT +8) until Thursday, November 1. This sale is really short, lasting for only four days. Plan ahead by wishlisting games you want.
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Steam Autumn Sale 2018

The Steam Autumn Sale will come several weeks after the Halloween Sale. You’ll have plenty of time to refill that pocket. It’ll begin on Wednesday, November 21 at 12:55 PM ET (November 22, 12:55 AM GMT +8). The Autumn Sale will last longer, ending on Tuesday, November 27 at 1:05 PM ET (November 28, 1:05 AM GMT +8). That’s a whole week of shopping.

Steam Winter Sale 2018

Last Steam sale of the year will be the Steam Winter Sale. It’ll be going live on Thursday, December 20 at 12:55 PM ET (December 21, 12:55 AM GMT +8) and runs all the way to 2019. This will be the longest sale of the three since it ends on January 3 1:05 PM ET (January 4, 1:05 AM GMT +8).
At any rate, this information has been confirmed by multiple sources including @SteamDB on Twitter. However, that doesn’t mean it won’t change since it’s not officially confirmed by Steam themselves. So take these dates with a grain of salt. Though the dates every year are typically the same so there’s that to consider as well. Finally, a moment of silence to the person who leaked the dates.

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