4 reasons to play Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

by Sammy Chan
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Many classic online games have been reviving their franchise via a mobile version. Going in the same direction as Maplestory M, the next big thing is Ragnarok M. The game’s open beta will be launching on October 31, this weekend. Now if you’re unsure about jumping into the game, here are four reason why you should check out Ragnarok M: Eternal this weekend!

We’ve reached pre-registration milestones!

On the game’s main webpage, it shows four claimable rewards once the game launches. Here’s what you can get:

  • Novice Chest
  • Ring Pack
  • Card Pack
  • Limited Headwear
ragnarok m

Screengrab via Ragnarok M SEA website

Now, to obtain these rewards, the condition was, we had to hit 100K, 300K, 600K and 1M pre-registration. The good news? We did! Currently, there’s a total of 1,492,242 players who signed up. If you want to enjoy these rewards as well, make sure you pre-register here since these rewards will only be handed out to those who did. There’s no harm registering even if you ended up not enjoying the game later on! But in cases that you actually enjoy it, you’ll get to enjoy these rewards as well.
Okay, now let’s talk about the five things you should know before you start playing Ragnarok M: Eternal Love.

Daily stamina system

Every day at reset you’ll get 300 minutes worth of stamina. This equals to five hours, basically. After you’ve exceeded the minutes, your stamina will turn yellow (550) and then eventually, red (600). When your stamina is yellow, drop rate and value will decrease. Once it reaches red, the value gets even lower. You can still play but you won’t earn anything at this point. What players usually do once they run out of stamina is questing. Or you know, just chill in Prontera and let the feels take over 😉 So why is this a reason to play? Well first, it helps you spend less time on your phone. But most importantly, in my opinion, it makes the game fair. As a working adult, it’s nice to know a middle school-er isn’t more OP than me just because they have more time to grind, okay?

You can hire Cat Mercenaries to play with you

Who needs friends when you can have cats?! The game lets you select from a myriad of cats to help you out on your adventure. No special currency required, just pay them in good ol’ Zeny. You can pick up quests from the city-states to find unique cats to hire! Keep an eye out for Paul when you visit Prontera, he’ll show you one mean Ka Meow Ha Meow Ha.
You can pick to hire them for just one day or sevens days. As you progress further in the game, you’ll get quests to unlock multiple slots and that means more cats! Oh and if you accidentally get them killed during a battle, don’t worry -they resurrect in three minutes.

There’s VIP Premium Card and Gacha Lotto

Now before you let this discourage you from playing, the game provides a daily quest to earn Gacha Ticket. You can still get a chance at obtaining premium items with the ticket. It’s completely playable without paying real money for the VIP Premium Card. You can buy the VIP Premium Card via Auction House with Zeny! The price may vary since it’s determined by players but in the CN server, one card is currently going for 4.9M Zeny. Here are some examples of what you can get if you’re VIP:

  • Drop rate and EXP gain increased by 33% (before Exhaustion aka using up all stamina)
  • Base and Job EXP gain increased by 5%
  • Proof of Glory received increased by 10%
  • Exclusive monthly headdress
  • Auto-skill slot +1
  • Unlimited usage of Chain
  • Unlocks more Kafra Service teleport locations
  • Bag slot +30
  • Stamina cap increase 300 > 400

Deals: Get Ragnarok M Zeny at these great prices
Honestly, this is a pretty good system in comparison to other mobile games out there. Think of it this way, the VIP boost lasts for 31 days. You only need to renew it every month and if you play actively, you can definitely earn the Zeny to refresh it.
Finally, make sure you have a decent enough phone to run the game. A typical War of Emperium will load in 200+ players. If your phone’s potato, it might just get baked!

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