Ending 2022 on a high note: SEAGM year end party

by Aly Damil
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As a way to end 2022 on a high note and reward the employees for doing a great job the past year, SEAGM held year end parties for both the KL and HQ offices last 22nd December. All the employees enjoyed and got together at the SEAGM Year End Party that happened in the KL Office and Ohana Restaurant & Bistro respectively.

Christmas themed KL party

SEAGM employees from KL had a great time eating and celebrating together. They had a Christmas-themed dress code, shared good food and refreshing booze, and exchanged gifts with one another.

HQ party at Ohana

The employees from the Sitiawan office also made sure that everyone enjoyed the food and the ambience of Ohana Restaurant & Bistro. They all gathered with a sumptuous set of food and had a gift giving session for one another.

Having parties like this not just gives enjoyment to the employees but it also serves as an opportunity to create camaraderie and get to know one another as a team. We hope to see everyone on the next SEAGM Year End Party and future SEAGM activities!


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