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by Bradley Tan
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Steam’s next sale is the Steam Base Builder Fest, happening on 23 January 2023! But, what’s it all about?
Well, apparently the Lunar New Year sale that Steam used to celebrate is not happening this year. According to some sites it is reported to be discontinued. The Base Builder Fest is a campaign where there will be several base building games on sale. This sale will likely feature several Base-Building Games like RAFT, Ark Survivor and Subnautica.
Base Building Games are basically survival games where you start with nothing and slowly work your way to more resources to build your town, house, weapons, experience, to survive the game.

Best Base Building Games (Besides Minecraft) That Might Go On Sale

Fallout 76

If you’re a fan of the dystopian lore of the Fallout series, then Fallout 76 is one that you might want to check out.
Fallout 4 has been critically acclaimed and rightly so, Fallout 76 has been updated and improved significantly since its release. As of today, there are more positive reviews for Fallout 76 than negative reviews.

PRICE: Currently at RM158.00 (US$39.99)


Ever wondered how you’d survive if you were on a raft with friends?
Raft recently won the Better With Friends Award and it’s well deserved. Raft is a game where you have to build a raft big enough for you to survive.  You can choose to play it alone or with your friends through an adventure in the middle of the ocean. Definitely a fun game to play during the CNY holidays if you ask us.
Right now, RAFT is priced at RM38  ‎(US$19.99)


Valheim is a survival and sandbox video where players will have to survive Valheim before they can make it into Valhalla, the afterlife of the Norse Mythology. The player begins with nothing and will have to fight the evils in Valheim before entering Valhalla.  Led only by their instincts and occasional hints from a raven, the player must prepare to fight the sworn enemies of Odin himself.
You can choose to play Valheim alone or with up to ten people. There’s also an optional PvP gameplay.
Valheim is at RM 39 (US $19.99)

Ark: Survival Evolved 

Ark: Survival Evolved needs its players to survive being stranded on one of several maps filled with roaming dinosaurs, fictional fantasy monsters, and other prehistoric animals, natural hazards, and potentially hostile human players. If a medieval or pre-historic world filled with dinosaurs and wildly dangerous is your jam, Ark: Survival Evolved is probably your kind of survivor action-adventure game.
Ark: Survival Evolved is at RM39.99 (USD $19.99)

No Man’s Sky

What started out as a bad game slowly worked its way to one of the most beloved base builders to date.
No Man’s Sky is an action-adventure survival game where players can explore around and try their best to survive an infinite procedurally generated universe.  Like the Cyberpunk 2077 launch fiasco, No Man’s Sky faced a similar problem where the game was filled with bugs and
No Man’s Sky is currently at RM133 (USD $59.99)

Just in case you’re wondering what are some of the games you should spend your Razer Gold on, here’s a list of games that will get their updates for:

March 21 – Tired of pulling for random items and not getting Raiden Shogun or Sangonomiya Kokomi? Well, you don’t have to fret as Genshin Impact will be having the  Divine Ingenuity & Of Drink A-Dreaming on the 21st of March.

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