LifeAfter Resident Evil Collaboration Is Happening August 27th

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Resident Evil just can’t seem to keep it in their pants. After making guest appearances in Monster Hunter: World and PUBG Mobile, it is once again taking part in a collab event. LifeAfter will be the next mobile game to feature the insanely popular Resident Evil franchise.

LifeAfter Resident Evil
Ada Wong carries her Iconic looks through any franchise

In this collaboration, a number of details from the Resident Evil franchise will be implemented into LifeAfter. It will introduce a modified segment of the Raccoon Police Department where players will solve Resident Evil puzzles with LifeAfter’s more Action-Survival orientated gameplay.

The game will also bring in iconic bosses from the Resident Evil series. Mr. X, Nemesis and the BDSM-inspired gatekeeper from Revelations 2 all make appearances in the announcement trailer. Additionally, players will also get the chance to obtain event-limited costumes. Aside from the main characters, the game will also introduce zombie dog and motorcycle skins to fit in with the tone of LifeAfter.

A Treat for Franchise Fans

Most of the designs are based on the recently released “Remake” series. Nemesis, Mr. X, William Birkin, and Jill are all modeled after their “Remake” counterparts. However, there are some exceptions. Leon is currently based on his Resident Evil 6 appearance, and the Gatekeeper is modeled after his Revelations 2 look. Needless to say, this upcoming collab will be an interesting one for fans of the franchise.

Resident Evil collaborations

LifeAfter is currently one of the most popular mobile survival games with over 10 million downloads on Google Play. Additionally, it sits at a healthy 4.0-star rating. You can get LifeAfter on Google Play and iOS. You can also pre-register to obtain bonus in-game rewards. Log-in rewards include an in-game Ada Wong Figurine, Survivor Essentials Kit, Crossover Limited Backpack, and more.

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